RAW Classic Challenge Cones

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Quality Cones

Before we go insane over the size of this majestic cone, let's have a look at the quality of the paper. Made from the same unbleached & unrefined RAW Rolling paper, it guarantees to give you a smoking experience you will remember for a lifetime. Even the glue used is water-based gum to give you a natural hit.

King of the Kings!

If you are thinking a King-size rolling paper is enough, you have to look at the insane size of the RAW Classic Challenge Cones. These are 2 feet long with a capacity to hold 70 grams / 2.5 ounces material. Get ready to get seriously ripped.

Perfect Burn

If you're not impressed by the size, you will be impressed by the quality when you smoke em'. The pre-rolled cones are flawlessly rolled to provide an even burn, along with a clean smooth smoke. Free from additives and dyes, the Challenge Cones give you a perfect burn!

Challenge Yourself

It's the biggest cone anyone has ever produced, and it asks you to challenge yourself! The baddy is ideal for parties and huge crowds, the only rule is to finish when you light it up. It's not as easy as it sounds.

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