RAW Classic 5 Stage RAWket Pack

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What does the Pack include?

The RAWket Pack has 5 different cones from RAW, each one larger than the previous one - 1 1/4, King Size, the Peacemaker, the Emperador, and the Supernatural Cones.

1 1/4 Size

It is the most ideal size for a rolling paper. Whether you're sharing it with a friend or are smoking alone, the 1 1/4 size serves you with the best smoking experience. The papers are naturally made, without any dyes and additives.

King Size

These Pre-rolled King Size Cones are one of the best-selling products of RAW. Made from unbleached and unrefined papers, these King Size allow you to smoke more than the 1 1/4 paper without any compromise in the size.

Peacemaker Cones

If the King size cones just don't match your energy, you have the glorious RAW Classic Peacemaker which is about 30% bigger than King Size Cone. These are not sold separately, and you can only get them with RAWket Pack.

Emperador Cones

Are these even bigger than the peacemaker? Yes, this cones measures at a whopping 8 inches and gives you the cleanest and dankest hit ever! Make sure you have a crowd around or else you're going to get seriously baked.

SuperNatural Cones

The Cones are made from natural paper and gum to give you a clean and even burn. But more importantly, these glorious cones are about 1-feet long, which means they are just kept on burning. Just load it, twist it, and light it!

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