Raw and Wise Skies Rounded Rolling Tray Gift Set

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What does the set contain?

The RAW and Wise Skies Rounded Rolling Tray Gift Set comprises RAW Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers, Olivastu Grinder, RAW Rolling Mat, RAW Tips, Wise Skies Round Rolling Tray, and a wooden Poker. 

Wise Skies Round Rolling Tray

The Wise Skies Round "Get High" Rolling Tay is the ideal tray for every roll. It is a perfect size to store all your smoking accessories & the curved edges ensure that there is no wastage of any of your favorite herbs. 

RAW Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers

The Classic Rolling Paper by RAW is one of the most loved papers ever!

Curated from natural ingredients, the RAW Paper is free from added dyes or chalk, allowing you to enjoy the slow, clean burn. 

Olivastu Grinder

A lightweight, sturdy, and affordable grinder that provides you with an amazing performance. 

The Olivastu Grinder has sharp shark teeth & is ideal for you to take on the go!

RAW Rolling Mat

Many people prefer the taste of a hand-rolled cigarette and this is where a rolling mat comes in handy. These durable, lightweight, and stylish rolling mats fit perfectly. It helps even the messiest smoker roll their favorite joints in no time!

RAW Tips

RAW Tips have been in the market for years and are still going strong as the most compatible rolling accessory. If you like rolling tight, sturdy joints, this is a must-have. They prevent the tobacco bits from entering your mouth and keep the tip from breaking. The best part - RAW uses 100% natural, chlorine-free & vegan products.

Wooden Poker

These wooden pokers by RAW are ideal for packing and poking; they have a conical shape.

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