Raw and Wise Skies Rectangle Rolling Tray Gift Set

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What does the set contain?

The RAW and Wise Skies Rectangle Rolling Tray Gift Set comprises RAW Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers, Olivastu Grinder, RAW Rolling Mat, RAW Tips, Wise Skies Rectangle Rolling Tray, and a wooden Poker. 

RAW Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers

The RAW Rolling Papers have changed the smoking game forever. These delicate rolling papers are extra slim and designed to provide you with a really smooth smoke that burns evenly. These papers produce less smoke allowing you to experience the true flavor of your herbs efficiently. 

Olivastu Grinder

The Olivastu Grinder is perfect for all those looking for an affordable grinder with excellent performance. It is curated from a strong and durable plastic & has a little storage compartment for storing your herbs with ease. 

RAW Tips

These are perfect for when you are smoking in the town. Totally Chlorine-free and completely Vegan-Friendly, each tip is made from unbleached, naturally refined papers that can maintain their rigidity even when they’re wet. 

Wise Skies Rectangle Rolling Tray

The Wise Skies Rectangle Rolling Tray is perfect for smokers. This is an ideal accessory for you to roll your dried herbs or grind them; thus helping you to create less mess, and keeping the stash wastage to a minimum.

Wooden Poker

The wooden poker by RAW is an ideal accessory for all the smokers out there! 

They are conically shaped for perfect poking and each one has a unique pattern and color. Pack your joints perfectly!

RAW Rolling Mat

This RAW creation is curated with natural flexible bamboo to roll that doobie perfectly every single time. They are the perfect size to accompany those king-size papers. 

They are really easy to use & get that perfect roll; all you have to do is place a RAW paper with the gummed edge up and roll it.

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