RAW 20 Stage RAWket Launcher Pack


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What does the Pack include?

If you're a fan of the 5 Stage RAWket Launcher Pack, you will go crazy over this. It features 20 packs of assorted pre-rolled cones in 7 different sizes. These include 6 x 1 1/4" Cones,4 x King Size Cones, 2 x 98 Special Cones, 2 x Lean Cones, 2 x Peacemaker Cones, 2 x Emperador Cones, 2 x Supernatural Cones.

1 1/4" Cones

These are the most popular and accepted sizes when it comes to rolling paper and cones. Perfect for 2-3 people or even for a single person, these cones are made from natural papers to give you a smooth toke. The RAWket Launcher Pack includes 6 of these cones.

King Size Cones

The love of every stoner, King Size cones are flawlessly rolled to give the smoker an authentic taste and flavour of the material. These are perfect to smoke in a group as it burns slowly and gives you immeasurable pleasure to consume. The RAWket Launcher Pack includes 4 of these cones.

Lean Cones

RAW Lean cones are an absolute delight for the smoker. Uniquely hand-rolled, they have the same length as the RAW Classic Kingsize Cone (110mm). The only difference is that it is skinnier with longer tips and has less surface area in the ember, which gives them a different flavour than a fat cone. They are rolled with a special spiral tip and the pack includes 2 of them!

98 Special Cones

The RAW Classic 98 Special Cones are made for those who disagree with the general size. Standing somewhere between a1 ¼ and King Size cone, it is 98mm long which makes it longer than 1 1/4 cones and smaller than the King Size. These pre-rolled cones are skinny as a lean cone.

Peacemaker Cones

If the King size cones aren't your jam, you have the glorious RAW Classic Peacemaker which is a whopping 30% bigger than King Size Cone. These are not sold separately, and you can only get them with RAWket Pack.

Emperador Cones

Are these even bigger than the peacemaker? Yes, this cones measures at 8 inches and is designed to give you the dankest hit! Make sure you have a crowd around or else you're going to get seriously baked.

SuperNatural Cones

If you think you cannot get a cone longer than 8 inches, you are very wrong. RAW takes the expectation of their customers to another level and brings them the very gorgeous 1-foot cones which are meant to keep burning. Just load it, twist it, and light it!

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