Mixed King Size Slim Papers & Tips Set

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Immerse yourself in the world of rolling with this splendid Papers Bundle Set from Olivastu. A treasure chest of variety and quality, this set is an ideal gift for both newcomers to the art of rolling and seasoned experts. Whether you're preparing for a lively party or a special event, this bundle set is your one-stop shop for all your rolling needs.

The heart and soul of this bundle are the Rolling Papers. These aren't just any rolling papers; they're branded, high-quality, and designed to provide a smooth, enjoyable experience. From the texture to the burn, every aspect of these Rolling Papers has been meticulously crafted. You can feel the difference in every roll, making your events more special, your parties more fun, and your gifts more appreciated.

But it's not just about the Rolling Papers. This set from Olivastu is all about providing a complete experience. It includes everything you need to get started or elevate your rolling game. With every item handpicked for its quality and performance, this set embodies the spirit of rolling like no other.

This Papers Bundle Set from Olivastu is more than just a collection of products; it's a ticket to an immersive experience. It's an opportunity to explore new brands, try out new techniques, and find your perfect roll. So whether you're looking for a great gift for a loved one or planning your next big event, remember - with Olivastu, you're not just buying products; you're investing in experiences.

With this Super Saver Deal you get:

  • 3 x Raw Classic Tips
  • 2 x Elements Tips
  • 2 x Rasta Tips
  • 1 x RAW Black Tip
  • 1 x RAW Classic King Size Papers
  • 1 x RAW Organic King Size Papers
  • 1 x Elements Classic King Size Papers
  • 1 x Elements Pink King Size Papers
  • 1 x Elements Red King Size Papers
  • 1 x Juicy Jays Flavoured King Size Papers - Strawberry
  • 1 x Juicy Jays Flavoured King Size Papers - Blueberry
  • 1 x Juicy Jays Flavoured King Size Papers - Very Cherry
  • 1 x Rizla Silver King Size Papers
  • 1 x Rizla Micron King Size Papers
  • 1 x Bob Marley King Size Papers
  • 1 x Snoop Dogg King Size Papers
  • 1 x OCB Black King Size Papers

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