High Maintenance, SPLYFT, Kush & Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Tray Set


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The Ultimate Gift Set

Looking for a bundled gift for your homies, or your partner, or simply a person interested in the green world? Look no more! This quirky bundle from Olivastu covers all the essential rolling accessories from a selection of brands. It has everything you need to get blazed and set on the high path! An absolute exclusive set. 

What does it contain?

The Super Saver Deal offers you a metal rolling tray, shark teeth grinder, rolling papers, tips, and random sweets to kick off the high with a sprinkle of sugar. It's curated for everyone, from the novice toker to the seasoned canna-user. 

Wise Skies High Maintenance Metal Rolling Tray

If you're a little 'high' maintenance, this beautifully crafted rolling tray is made for you. Available in Pink and White colour, the tray sophisticatedly captures the essence of an average toker with a quirky line. Moreover, the rounded edges, paper holder, and durable build allows it to stay on your collection for a long time. No more making a mess on your rolling corner!

Shark Teeth Herb Grinder

Having trouble with hulk fingers? Get yourself an effortless grinder and go the smooth way to shred those stubborn nugs. The Shark teeth grinder offers a convenient way to convert the sticky flower into a fluffy consistency. The result is an even burn, with no intruders that can ruin the experience. 

Kush Pink King Size Slim Rolling Papers - 100% Hemp 

Kush added a slight twist to its usual king size paper and made them pink like a boss. These are curated with 100% hemp, making them excessively ideal for a big ol' rollie. These are slim and thin, offering zero flavours of their own, but only the natural flavour of the green buds. Moreover, each paper is pre-creased making the rolling process even easier!

Blazy Susan King Size Slim Pink Rolling Papers & Tips

When you have pink hemp paper, you need to get the very famous Blazy Susan Pink Papers. The colour is added using organic pigment while the paper is curated in France. These are vegan, non-GMO paper lined with natural Arabic gum, allowing you to taste the natural terpenes. 

Similarly, the Blazy Susan tips are made in France, with premium quality paper. Each tip offers 3 perforated lines, so you can fold and get a perfectly sized tip each time. 

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