Named after their uncanny resemblance to a spoon, these hand pipes are made out of glass, metal, or even silicone. A must-have for all avid smokers, the spoon pipes have four main parts, the mouthpiece, the bowl, the neck and the carb. The mouthpiece is from where you inhale the smoke, the bowl is where the herb is packed, the neck is what connects the bowl to the mouthpiece, and the carb is a small hole on the side of the bowl that allows for the control of airflow.

These glass spoon pipes are extremely travel-friendly and can be easily stashed in your purse and bags. With their increase in popularity, there has been a demand for colourful, eye-popping eccentric designs that add some personality to the smoking session. If you're looking for a donut spoon pipe or a magnetic spoon pipe in the UK, we stock a range of colours and designs for all your needs.

Whether you're looking for cheap spoon pipes or premium brands, we have them all. Surf through our collection, and find your desired smoking accessories at the best price in the UK. Free shipping and delivery offered.

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