Half Baked "Mary J Bilge" Acrylic Bong

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Smooth rips

If you like your rips smooth and flavourful, this bong will enhance your smoking experience. Build to provide ice rips and also water-based smoking, this bong ensures you make the best out of your grass. 

Designed for convenience

Your convenience is our priority with the Half Baked "Mary J Bilge" Acrylic Bong. It lets cleaning and carrying around hassle-free while you enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest. One can easily drain, clean and tidy this bong and ensure nothing stops Mary Jane from making your day.


Built with sturdy acrylic, this bong is shatter-resistant and practically crack-proof. The replaceable stem makes it durable and lightweight while providing stoners with the sheer comfort of enjoying the grass. without woes.

Cool Appearance

We are proud of the cool appearance of our "Mary J Bilge" bong. It sets the tone for any chill sesh and catches eyes & hearts alike. The design adds an aesthetic appeal to the calming colours it comes in.

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