Half Baked "Future Island" Acrylic Waterpipe Bong

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Heavy Duty

Armed with a rubber base and mouthpiece ring, our Half Baked "Future Island" Acrylic bong can withstand heavy usage. It will not crack by small accidents or regular wear and tear. 

Beautiful Percolation

Beautiful smoke percolation doesn't fall into our laps easily! The trippy neon shade and design of our "Future Island" will definitely woo you. With inbuilt percolation assistance, even the smoke you puff will be smoother and cooler.

Easy to Use

Friend to both seasoned stoners and also beginners- inconvenience isn't a name known to our "Future Island". With the sheer ease of usage, this bong is a sweet choice for everyone. 

Effortless Care

Its detachable stem and wide base allow easy caretaking. The fear of stinky spillage and clogged stems can be given a stoners' farewell with this bong.

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