Half Baked "For Sure" Acrylic Bong

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Lightweight but sturdy

Our Half Baked "For Sure" has a lightweight yet sturdy design. The rubber mouthpiece ring and base makes it safe to carry outdoors as well as deal with accidents. Regular usage and wear and tear will not result in cringe-worthy cracks. 


If you're a fan of ripping it outdoors or going on adventures with your bong, this one's for you. Standing 30cm tall, it can easily fit into backpacks and travel bags, ready for adventure! Being light in weight, it won't kill your shoulders carrying it around either. 

Crystal Haziness

The transparency and cool percolation designing make it extremely beautiful when in action. The crystal-like haziness with percolated smoke gives aesthetic and smooth hits. 

Easy cleaning

The ease with which one can take care of this bong is what makes it a delightful choice! The wide bottom makes it easy to empty and clean. It also causes less to no spillage during use. Teamed with a removable stem, it requires least maintenance.

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