G Pen Roam Vaporizer

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The G-pen Roam Vaporizer has been designed creatively and innovatively to make the usage and cleaning very easy to every user. The outer body has a durable aluminium alloy casing along with the silicone covering that makes adds extra grip to the concentrate vaporizer. The smart outer covering is even more appreciated with the removable parts which make it easy to clean the residue. This includes the Quartz tank chamber, the silicone air-path, the Hydro-Tube, and the mouthpiece.

Hydro Tube

One of Roam's most unique features is its self-contained water filtration glass tube. This new types of vaporizer combine portability along with water filtration. The Hydrotube is housed inside the body which makes it invisible while using the device. The tube is spill-proof and connects with the removable mouthpiece. The position of the tube so close to the mouthpiece was deliberately designed by Grenco Science to ensure you get fresh draws with each pull.

Quartz Tank

The deliver the purest and the smoothest flavours, the G Pen Roam features a full quartz tank. When compared to Titanium tanks or other heating elements, Quartz works better to provide tasty vapours and quick heating time. Even with a high-temperature range, the Roam will let you taste your material during sessions, delivering a mix of dense clouds and tasting notes.


This unique water-filtered concentrate vaporizer is equipped with a 1300mAh lithium-ion battery designed to last for 20 sessions. The powerful battery helps to heat the vape to the required temperature within a few seconds. The 30-second heat duration is followed by a cool-down time to preserve the battery and the vaping material. It also provides you with the option to extend or reduce the heat duration. The battery takes about 90 minutes to charge with the provided USB-cable.


The device has a pretty easy user interface with only three buttons; a switch and two temperature control. The curvy LED display indicates the temperature, the status of the device, and the battery level. The temperature can be set between 600°F to 800°F(315°C - 425°C). Additionally, you can set the vape to Max mode to end a session whereafter it reaches 800°F (425°C) and it will go on full power. This is a perfect way to clear up any residue in the chamber.

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