G PEN Dash Vaporizer

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The G-pen Dash Vaporizer is smartly designed with a strong all-black Aluminum, that is very small and light. With its one-button interface and 3 LED lights that indicate the temperatures, it is pretty easy to use. It also has air intake holes that are found on the front and back of the shell. The micro-USB port is positioned at the bottom of the equipment.


The affordable vaporizer gives us some really surprising and dank features. The mouthpiece is something that stands apart from the rest. The G-pen Dash Vaporizer is designed with an isolated airpath, so the only visible part of the mouthpiece is the cover of the isolated internal mouthpiece. The internal mouthpiece also features a helix which cools down the vapour before it reaches you. The mouthpiece works on a magnetic mechanism, without any hassle of latches.

Heating Chamber

The oven of the G-pen Dash is very convenient and perfect for solo hits. The funnel-shaped loading area makes it effortless to load your herbs, whereas the air-intake holes present all around the glass-lined oven allows air to pass through the herbs. The best part is that you can easily fill and empty it, making the cleaning process less tedious.

Easy Interface

If you're not a fan of complicated procedures and buttons, the G-pen Dash is made for you. With a simple one-button mechanism, it communicates everything to the user using simple haptic feedback. You can change the temperature by pressing the button three times, and the colour of the LED lights will indicate the temperature. Blue means 375°F/ 190°C, Green means 401°F/ 205°C, and Red means 428°F/ 220°C. The battery strength is signalled by the number of LEDs(1,2,3).

Performance and Vapour Quality

When it comes to vapour quality, the G Pen Dash fairs really well. You can use the low temperature settings to smoke heavy clouds of vapour along with the complete flavour of your dry herbs. The glass glazed chamber definitely adds an oomph when compared to the traditional stainless steel chamber. When it comes to heating, the device is swift and only takes about 20 seconds. The airports on the side make the draw very smooth whereas, the session timer is set to 5 minutes.

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