DynaVap - The 2020 "M"

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New Features

The Dynavap VapCap M 2020 Edition comes with a bunch of interesting and revolutionary features that beats every other vaporizer in the market. It is equipped with a tapered 10mm mouthpiece, a groove on the body to help hold the O-ring, Captive Cap with locking ridges, and asymmetrical chiral airports that create a V-shape for swirling and cooling the vapour. 

Durable and Portable

The DynaVap - The 2020 M Edition is made from medical grade stainless steel making it indestructible and long-lasting. An investment you do today will pay off for years. With proper care and maintenance, you can even keep your DynaVap as good as new!

Another very attractive feature is its portability. You can stash it discreetly in your bag, load it, and toke it anywhere. 

Adjustable Dose

The new 2020 Edition is designed with an adjust-a-bowl that can be set at 0.1 grams and 0.05 grams. It allows you to raise the screen for a smaller space in which you can pack your material, making it extremely customizable to your preference. And don't worry, even with smaller doses, the stainless steel bowl is very effective. 

Manual Heating

With VapCap M 2020 Edition, you're in complete control of the temperature, which eventually allows you to smoke light wispy flavour hits or thick satisfying heavy clouds. Heat the cap until you hear a "click" which tells you that you are ready to take a drag. Change what section of the cap you heat to give you different vaping temperatures, from 300° F to 450° F. 


Your material will last longer with VapCap M 2020 Edition since it does not heat your herbs between inhales. You can come back to the same bowl later, and take a drag. This is one of the most efficient vapes in the market!

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