DabX Rocket Mk.1

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The Dabx rocket is an outstanding invention designed to allow you to vape your favourite concentrate with a click of a button. Designed to make dabbing vaping easy! Using ground breaking technology this device allows you to get huge vapour clouds that taste clean on every single hit! Fo-Shizzle!

Hassle Free

Designed for first timers and connoisseurs. It removes the process of heating up a rig, checking temps and faffing about. It also leaves very little mess so once you are danked you don’t need to think about tidying up so much!

Simply plug this device into your existing conventional dab rig and off you go!

Intelligent Heating

Get your preferred taste depending on your dab thanks to its 4 intelligent heating settings which have been calibrated for different types of concentrate. Simply heat your desired dab at different temperatures for 15 seconds to activate your juicy cannabinoids and preserve your terpenes.

Big Rips

Cheez this thing rips! The ceramic plate heats up efficiently and melts your concentrate with a special reverse airflow technology which guarantees maximum vapour!

How to Use

Load up the atomizer, press one button, wait 15 seconds and pow your dab is up and running ready to rip!

Taste Perfect

The device has been engineered using aerospace grade titanium, which eliminates any foreign flavours/taste that come from the standard cheap metals, plastics or paint coatings like some dab rigs in the market. These guys have gone the extra mile to ensure there is no plastic in the vapour tunnels to even give it a chance to come through whilst vaping!

Easy Cleaning

Normally rigs require q-tips to give it a good clean not this one! When you want to give it a clean simply disassemble it, soak in isopropyl alcohol, rinse then dry and you ready for your next session!

Smart Power

Comes with haptic feedback, 1500 mAh battery, USB C charging port, charges in 30 minutes and delivers 30-50 dabs per full charge. It also comes with a passthrough charging design so you can use it whilst plugged in!


This device fits any 14mm glass piece. Simply attach this to your existing rig and it switches it up to a next level gen dab rig!

(Adapters can be purchased separately if you have a 18mm or 10mm piece)

No more over heating your dabs!

This vaporizer has the ability to check the weight of your shatter placed on the atomizer and automatically adjusts the power level in real time! This ensures your premiums will be perfectly heated before taking that hit!

What’s in the box?

  • DabX Rocket Mk.1 Device
  • Smart power unit
  • atomizer
  • titanium dab tool
  • USB-C Charger
  • Spare O-Rings x 3
  • 14mm glass adapter stand

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