Chongz Designer Raw Vibes Gift Set Ultimate Box Set

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The Designer Chongz Stash Box Kit is a roller's heaven, and there is nothing more extensive that this dope 420 Gift Set. From your favourite and selective papers from Rizla, RAW, Vibes, and Juicy Jays to the Tips, Filters, and other rolling accessories, there is nothing that your smoke inventory would miss once you get your hands on this beauty. 

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What does the kit include?

  • 1 x Vibes King Size Ultra Thin Rolling Papers
  • 1 x Vibes King Size Hemp Rolling Papers
  • 1 x Vibes King Size Rice Rolling Papers
  • 1 x Rizla Blue King Size Rolling Papers
  • 1 x Juicy Jay King Size Flavoured Papers – Surprise Random Flavour
  • 1 x Raw Organic King Size Rolling Papers
  • 1 x Raw Connoisseur King Size Rolling Papers
  • 2 x RAW Classic Hemp 1 1/4" Rolling Papers
  • 1 x RAW Classic Hemp Papers Single Wide Rolling Papers
  • 1 x Raw Classic King Size Rolling Papers
  • 1 x RAW Classic Hemp 1 ½ Rolling Papers


  1. 1 x RAW Tips Pre Rolled Cones Perfecto Filters
  2. 1 x RAW Glass Filter Tip Slim 6mm – Flat
  3. 1 x RAW Tips Pre Rolled Tips Filters
  4. 1 x Raw Classic Roach Tips Filters
  5. 1 x RAW Tips Cone Shaped Perfecto Filters
  6. 1 x RAW Tips Gummed & Perforated Filters
  7. 1 x RAW Natural Tips Wide Hemp Cotton (50)


  • 1 x Olivastu 3-Part Grinder – Random Colour
  • 1 x Joint Cone Holder (120mm)
  • 1 x Raw Bamboo Rolling Mat
  • 1 x Raw Hemp Plastic Roller - 70mm

Stash Box

The entire set comes neatly packed with the very elegant stash box by Chongz. The Storage Box is curated from high-quality wood that lends it a sturdy and robust quality, whereas its metal lock and multiple compartments make it the perfect place to keep your favourite rolling accessories safe and secure. 

Leading Brands

It's not just any other 420 gift set, but one that entails leading brands of the rolling world. RAW is known to provide the lovers of joints, spliffs, and blunts only the most sustainable and authentic products, whereas Rizla is the pioneer of the rolling world with more than 200 years of history. Similarly, Juicy Jays and Vibes are two names that are always associated with a flavoursome, tight-rolled, slow-burning joint. 

Rolling Accessories

Apart from offering a plethora of rolling papers and tips, the Chongz Stash Box Kit also offers multiple accessories. This includes the very efficient 3-part Grinder that gives you the perfect, fluffy consistency each and the RAW Bamboo Rolling Mat and Hemp Plastic Roller for a tight doobie. Apart from this, it also includes a Smell-proof Joint Holder to keep your rolled masterpiece completely safe. 

Choose from the following designs

  • Blue Ring
  • Bubbles
  • Buddah
  • Dead Head
  • Heart Flame
  • Mediate
  • Natural
  • Rainbow Hand
  • Rasta Spiral
  • Spyra
  • White Leaf

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