Chillums & One Hitters

One-hitters are perfect for those looking for a quick toke packed with their favourite herb. These straight devices are made from glass or metal, with a mouthpiece in the end and bowl. All you have to do is pack it with tobacco or your choice of substance, light it, and smoke the clean, smooth punch. A simple one-hitter pipe is usually pocket-sized, making them portable and lightweight. You can carry them around and light it anytime you crave a smoke.

One-hitter pipes are easy to clean and can be stacked away quickly if you're looking to hide it.

At Olivastu, we provide a range of one-hitter chillums from brands like the claw, digger, dugout, OG, etc. From cheap ones to premium one-hitters, we have stocked them all to give you a wide range of choice. Shop from us and avail free shipping, discreet delivery, and the best prices in the UK!