4 Part Metal Herb Grinder - Rasta Leaf

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Tough as a Nail

The iconic 04-part metal herb grinder has a strong durable built - made out of anodized aluminium keeping corrosion & scratches at bay. This grinder is sure to last long in your collection!

A Spotless Affair

The efficient & ergonomic design of the 04-part metal herb grinder makes cleaning every curve & inch effortless after that long seemingly unending party. Be cautioned! you might end up becoming a clean freak.

An Intricate Design

The 04-Part Metal Herb Grinder comes as a four-piece, three-chamber grinder with twin grinding chambers between squared shredding teeth resulting in the best kief produce always.

Feels like clockwork

The anti-clog labyrinth seal on all four parts ensures smooth rotation while grinding even the toughest pieces due to its unique mechanism. Furthermore, the grinder is lightweight, allowing you to carry it in your bags without feeling the bulk.

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