No matter how you like dab–bongs, joints, vaping or whatever you can think of, a perfect rolling tray is one smoking accessory that is just a must-have essential. It's always chaotic to grind and roll your stash on papers, and seeing the paper fly away or knocked off with stuff for your next joint is one of the most dreadful feelings a stoner can experience. 

Here are a list of top 10 Raw Rolling Tray that you can get from our headshop :

  • Raw x ILMYO Power Rolling tray 
  • Raw Organic Hemp Silver Metal Small Rolling tray
  • Raw Mix Rolling tray
  • RAW Brazilian Girl Small Metal Rolling Tray
  • Raw Mini Wooden Cache Box with Classic tray Lid
  • Raw Back Flip Striped Bamboo Rolling tray- Limited Edition
  • RAW Glass Rolling Tray - Large
  • RAW Round Metal Rolling Tray
  • RAW XXL Lap Rolling Tray
  • Raw Wooden Rolling tray 

1.  Raw x ILMYO Power Rolling tray 

This funky looking RAW Rolling will have your dopey trips illuminated just like fireflies in the darkness of the forest. The RAW xilmyo power tray has an RGB LED light built into the tray's frame. You can customise the RGB colour via Bluetooth through the "RAW POWER TRAY' mobile app or simply by the touch of your fingers. The RGB lighting has 200 presets, radiating a full disco vibe. This piece is eye candy for sore eyes.

The rechargeable rolling tray is a piece of work from RAW. It is a perfect rolling station to uplift the smoking session. Suppose that your phone's battery is running out of juice, then you can plug right into it a get a little power boost to get you by. The magnificent rolling tray comes with handy drawers to store your supplies.

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2. Raw Organic Hemp Silver Metal Small Rolling tray

Raw Organic Hemp Silver Metal Small Rolling tray

This silver metal tray is a RAW classic, a perfect match for the smokers who don't like to fool around when they are working on getting the creaseless joint. The small-sized rolling tray has a subtle finesse to it, announcing to everyone that the game is on. 

Well, this rolling tray is dedicated to the connoisseurs of the game– simple, elegant and ergonomic. The tray lips are raised so that none of your smoking essentials starts rolling on their own.

This compact Rolling tray is a must-have essential for all the harsh terrain you might have visited in your explorations. Nonetheless, this workstation has a neutral vibe, surrounding you with a mysterious aura. 

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3. Raw Mix Rolling tray

Raw Mix Rolling tray

This tray seems to have an alluring evergreen design whose relevance doesn't seem to fade away. The RAW mix rolling tray is a perfect accompaniment for enthusiasts of Cones and joints. The Graphics of the beautiful rolling tray has an unconditional appeal for all the smokers.

Besides the fascinating design, the rolling tray also has a convenient lifted curved frame that will come in handy when you're stoned out of your head, yet, no one can stop you from rolling one more. 

Regardless, you need to own this rolling tray because it is like a signature that would certify you as a veteran of the Canna-world.

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4.  RAW Brazilian Girl Small Metal Rolling Tray

 RAW Brazilian Girl Small Metal Rolling Tray

If you're one of those stoners, who get the best highs chilling at the sound of crashing waves over the shores, then this RAW Brazilian Girl Rolling tray has the right vibes. The bright colour bathing the sexiest Brazilian girl passionately announces the Amazonian vibes of this tray. 

If we talk about the convenience of using this RAW rolling tray, we can assure you that this tray's compact size and high-quality metal body are ideal for outdoor trips. 

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5. Raw Mini Wooden Cache Box with Classic tray Lid

Raw Mini Wooden Cache Box with Classic tray Lid

This Rolling tray Cache box is a perfect RAW product if you are someone who starts his day by rolling a good old-fashioned joint. The RAW mini wooden tray is a dual purpose Lid-cum-tray for your stash box that you can keep next to your bedside table lamp.

The multifunctional storage box has a classic wooden soul to it, ultimately establishing you as a connoisseur of the Canna-World. Above all, the RAW Cache-box is a magnificent product. We are confident that your workstation will remain super-organised if you have this with you.

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6.  Raw Back Flip Striped Bamboo Rolling tray- Limited Edition

Raw Back Flip Striped Bamboo Rolling tray- Limited Edition

This rolling tray is a limited edition product from RAW because of the dark and light bamboo it uses for the striped look. This RAW rolling tray has a flippable design with a super-strong magnet to hold the sides together when not in use—giving it an altogether new level of neatness. It is an influential rolling station combining applicability and design. 

This is a stylish tray combined with a functional workflow as it features an area to keep your cones straight and a scooper which can be taken on and off the tray. Every time you roll, the soft feel of bamboo will indeed transcend you into a new level of euphoria.

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7. RAW Glass Rolling Tray - Large

 RAW Glass Rolling Tray - Large

Not very often do you come around a Glass Tray! This RAW glass rolling tray is a unique rolling tray crafted with high-quality double-thick translucent glasses, which ascertains a strong build, durability, and long life. If you have this rolling tray with you, be assured that you have grabbed your crew's attention.


The tray is a must-have product for your collection because it will undoubtedly help you flaunt your passion for a Higher life. Besides the classy look, this RAW rolling tray has an ergonomic design that enhances the workflow of your rolling station. It perfectly sits on your lap for the perfect joint you have always wanted.

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8. RAW Round Metal Rolling Tray

RAW Round Metal Rolling Tray

This round metal rolling tray is an iconic rolling tray from RAW. It can be seen being regularly used in Wiz Khalifa's Music Videos. The round shape separates this tray from the conventional ones. But this shape also provides an exceptionally well balanced and neat attribute to this weed workstation. This tray has a high-quality metal body. 

This RAW rolling tray has an entirely different charisma. We can guarantee you that this rolling tray will be a head-turner for your collection. 

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9.  RAW XXL Lap Rolling Tray

RAW XXL Lap Rolling Tray

Well, This is the Big Show of rolling trays. The humongous size of this rolling tray is crafted for a stoned weekend where your plans have only 3 stages – Lay on the Bed, Roll your whole stash and binge-watch your favourite TV Series. The RAW Rolling tray also has foldable legs so that your legs don't get numb because of the prolonged plans. All and all, imagine breakfast on the bed tray with a slight twist of replacing breakfast with joints.

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10.  Raw Wooden Rolling tray 

Raw Wooden Rolling tray

If you feel that your spirit plant is Weed, then this RAW wooden rolling tray is a perfect medium to channel it to the world. The classy Raw rolling is a must-have rolling station. The raised lips of the tray are great for holding all your efforts in one place. Keeping this tray in your lap will increase your bars to an all-new level. 

Sillumtaneousty, this RAW tray comes in a set to accommodate all your essentials, particularly with a tint of premium feel. This Rolling tray is a party popper with 8 cone holders so that your pothead buds aren't empty-handed all night long.

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These Top 10 RAW-some rolling trays are buzzing in the Olivastu community, and we are confident that these RAW rolling trays will be the hype of 2022. With incredible deals, you can get all these products at your doorstep from olivastu. Lastly, if you don't want to miss out on dope content, join our discord and Telegram channel.