With Valentine's Day around the corner, the whole world goes into a spree of looking for that one perfect gift. Whether you're celebrating love with a homie who has been through all the 'highs' and lows or are simply looking to surprise the nug-lover in your significant other, this article is made for you. Stoner gifts for Valentines day are often not that hard to find, however, with great love comes great responsibility to give nothing but the best.

Take a step away from the traditional gift of red roses and chocolates, and step into a world of the best Valentine's Day gifts for stoners at Olivastu. I will be listing 10 different types of presents, from low budget to the ones where you are willing to shed a few bucks. By the end of the article, you would have concluded your search for a gift for your stoner boyfriend/girlfriend. We are also offering a whopping 14% off with the code VDAY14!

Are you ready to get your perfect stoner gifts for Valentines Day?

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1. Blazy Susan - Rolling Tray Set

Blazy Susan - Rolling Tray Set

Starting on the mild side, the Rolling Tray set is perfect for a novice toker or someone who likes to keep their collection in top-notch condition. A part of our 420 deal, the Rolling Tray Set comprises a complete set of dope smoking accessories that would make any stoner happy. 

The Stainless Steel Tray features a pretty rose gold colour that adds to the entire aesthetic of rolling your own cigarette. You also get 2 packs of Blazy Susan King Size Slim Rolling Papers; a perfect addition to the tray. 

Moreover, the set also comprises a bunch of RAW accessories, including Pre-rolled Tips, Tips Booklet, Pre-Rolled Emperador Hemp Cone, Classic Hemp 1-1/4" Rolling Papers, and Bamboo Rolling Mat. If you're thinking the list is over, you're in for a surprise. 

The Rolling Tray Set also provides the user with a Magnetic 3-part grinder for an effortless shredding of herbs and fluffy consistency. Apart from that, it also contains a Joint Cone Holder to keep your rolled masterpiece safe, along with two packs of Purize Charcoal Filters. This makes the Blazy Susan Rolling Tray Set a perfect Valentine's Day gifts for stoners.

2. MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig

A True Dab lover knows how much this little beauty can do. A perfectly thoughtful stoner gifts for Valentines Day for the significant other who likes the world of sticky concentrates and highs. The infinity mini rig is one of the most beautiful and intriguing creations.

MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig

Based on the concept of Yin and Yang principle which says that certain rare combinations in nature when combined, equal far more than their individual parts, the rig is surely a peculiar smoking accessory. It features a Swiss-style Percolator, Fab-Egg Percolator, Double up-take Recycler, Reclaim Catcher, Fixed Downstem, and a Splash Guard. The end result is such a terpene-rich, flavoursome, bursting vapour that you would just want another rip.

Gift an extraordinary dabbing experience!

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3. Crafty+ Vaporizer

The latest invention from Storz & Bickel, the Crafty+ Vaporizer is an upgraded version to the previous version of the Crafty. It features a bunch of improvements including a 30% faster heat-up time, enhanced battery performance, better durability with updated software. 

Crafty+ Vaporizer

It's one of the most peculiar and portable vaporizers that you can get your hands on. The strong battery allows you to toke in peace for long hours, whereas the increased heating time and in-app controls present a very precise and personalised experience that keeps you coming back to this beauty. It is, however, a little high on the money area but, rest assured, you'd be getting one of the best vaping experiences there is!
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4. Marley Natural Water Pipe

A good old bong is the best way to a stoner's heart! Every true weed lover knows that nothing hits better and cleaner than a good, glass bong that takes you on a whirlwind of high romance without asking much from you. The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Pipe Bong is specially curated for the herb lovers, giving them a great way to consume the plant. 

Marley Natural Water Pipe

Coming from the brand of Bob Marley, you wouldn't expect anything less from this beauty. Blazing the Marley Emblem and the Golden Lion, the bong is purely made from the highest quality of borosilicate glass, allowing it to withstand high temperatures. The durability isn't the most attractive part of the smoking accessory. Rather, it is the fine build, the precise make, smoked glass, and a premium design that pushes you to get this out of the shelf and into your collection. 

If you're to get this bong, know that its supreme filtration level will spoil you, and you would never go back to the other options. This one definitely speaks a universal love language! Get this stoner gifts for Valentines Day from Olivastu, the best online headshop in the UK

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5. HOJ. LIFE Pipe Spoon

Make things smoother for you Valentine's with this black-beauty that gets you shredding your herbs with just a single look. As the manufacturers put it, “this is a pipe like you've never seen before”. And it stands true to that statement. 

HOJ. LIFE Pipe Spoon

The HOJ Pipe Spoon is rebuilt entirely from the inside out for a smooth and effortless experience. Its pioneering patent-pending micro-channel design heats the herb without any need for water. For better filtration, the smoking accessory uses the stainless steel filter that leads to cough-less smoke. 

The design passes the bounds of the ordinary everyday smoking pipe by offering a simple magnetic clasp, which makes accessing the insides of the pipe easier, quicker. This also works well when you're trying to clean the gunk. 

A tasteful taste and flavour every time! Buy this amazing Valentine's Day gifts for stoners significant right now. 

6. RAW Ultimate Tray Gift Set

Gifting a single accessory may not be everyone's deal. For this reason (and also because I love it), I have this ultimate RAW Tray Gift Set added to the list of top 10 stoner gifts for Valentines Day. 

RAW Ultimate Tray Gift Set

If your Valentine's is a rolling enthusiast with a special corner in their heart for RAW products, this gift set is the perfect V-day surprise for them. It contains one RAW Mix Tray(Small), a 4-part Metal Grinder, a RAW Hemp Plastic Roller, 3 Raw Pre-rolled King Size Cones, a Metal Smoking Pipe, 5 Mesh Gauzes, 4 booklets of RAW Classic King Size Rolling Papers, 4 booklets of RAW Tips, 1 booklet of Organic Hemp RAW King Size Rolling Papers, 1 booklet of RAW Connoisseur King Size Rolling Papers, and 2 packs of Carbon Activated Purize Filters. 

After these 24 items, I am pretty sure you're not going to need anything else to get to the high path. 

7. Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

A different take on a gravity bong, the manufacturers at Stündenglass made sure you never have to go back to DIY Bongs. A little on the high-end of the price limit, the Gravity Hookah/Bong is one of the most innovatively designed and functional accessories to consume herbs, tobacco, and even concentrates. 

Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

The Gravity Hookah makes use of a kinetic motion activation with the help of a cascading water displacement. The opposing airflow technology makes use of the natural push of gravity to get the smoke going in the right direction. The most impressive part of the design is the 360-degree rotational glass chambers that not only get the smoke flowing but also give such an aesthetically pleasing look that you're tempted to take a toke. 

The Gravity Hookah elicits an immersive experience while delivering smooth, consistent, and vaporous draws. It's not all just looks with this beauty!

Get your Valentine's Day gifts for stoners, from the best online headshop, Olivastu.

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8. Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig

Anyone who loves their sticky concentrates as much as they love smoking on-the-go, the Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig is made for them!

Pulsar Rok Electric Dab Rig

The most unique aspect of the Electric Dab Rig is the placement of the water bubbler at its base instead of on top of the device, where it is usually found. But, you have nothing to worry about. The manufacturers took plenty of precautions and curated it with the best borosilicate glass that protects it from cracking or breaking. A perfect blend of functionality and performance!

At just 6.75 inches tall, the Electric Dab Rig is one of the most portable and hassle-free smoking accessories you can gift someone on V-day. It features a metal mouthpiece, a coil-less quartz cup that delivers exceptional terpene profiles, a dab trigger for maintaining the voltage, and a disc percolator for smooth, clean, and quality rips. And the best part; you can use it with both, dry herbs and concentrates.

You can't miss gifting your significant other with this one.
Purchase the best stoner gifts for Valentines Day, just from Oliavstu. 

9. Chongz "Molly" Flower Bong & Oil Rig

Blending the world of dry flowers and oils with this revolutionary product, Chongz 'Molly' uses a unique smoke path to get the best out of the herbs, oils, and concentrates. Equipped with a 14.5mm Female Flower Bowl, Blue Lifter Handle, 14.5mm Female Glass Oil Dome, 14.5mm Quartz Nail, the product easily shifts from bong to an oil rig.

Chongz "Molly" Flower Bong & Oil Rig

The built-in downstem is connected to a barrel diffuser, which spreads and splits the smoke before it is pulled through the water, cooling it further. The smoke then hits the curve and curls its way around the barrel-type shaped glass near the mouthpiece which flaunts the name "Chongz". This further cools down the smoke until you inhale through the mouthpiece.

Experience the complete flavours, cool smoke, and the aesthetics of a high-quality bong, all in one!

10. DynaVap 2020 'M' Edition

Ending the list with my personal favourite, the DynaVap 'M' Edition is perfect for those who are looking to go battery-free while still enjoying the flavoursome terpenes and clean smoke of a vaporizer. A perfect stoner gift, the DynaVap features a tapered 10mm mouthpiece, a groove on the body to help hold the O-ring, Captive Cap with locking ridges, and asymmetrical chiral airports that create a V-shape for swirling and cooling the vapour. 

DynaVap 2020 'M' Edition

The most interesting feature of the battery-less vaporizer is the ability to adjust the bowl which can be set between 0.1 grams and 0.05 grams. It allows you to raise the screen for a smaller space in which you can pack your material, making it extremely customizable to your preference. And don't worry, even with smaller doses, the stainless steel bowl is very effective. If you're confused about its working, check out our very detailed article here

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This brings us to the end of our Valentine's Day gifts for stoners significant. I hope you found the perfect match here, and if not, head to Olivastu to look for other smoking accessories. 

Till then, toke it your way!