There is no way that you are not aware of what a blunt is. But if you are living under a rock then let's discuss this in detail. A blunt is just a cigar. The only difference is that a blunt is a hollowed cigar for the purpose of filling it with your favourite flower. The best part of this smoking accessory is that it can be made pretty easily. 

Blunts can be made from scratch with the help of tobacco leaf papers used for cigars. These cigars are mostly inexpensive in nature and can be wrapped easily. Now let's dive into the familiar water. 

What is a Blunt?

What is a Blunt

As mentioned before, blunts are very similar to cigars. But instead of tobacco, the blunts are filled with flower. The name “blunt” comes from the name of a cigar brand called  Phillies Blunt. They are designed to be smoked quickly and swiftly unlike cigars. The hemp blunts were first introduced in the Northeaster cities, especially New York, USA. 

Now, let’s learn something new and surprising about these beauties.

Interesting Facts About Blunts

Interesting Facts About Blunts

All the OG weedheads must think that they know everything about the blunts. Care to check your knowledge? Also, this is a good time to introduce all the budding stoners regarding some of the interesting and eye-brow-raising facts about the blunts. Here we go!


  • Better than a Pot or Joint: Shocked to learn this? A cigar blunt is much bigger than a pot and it contains more flower than you care to imagine. When compared to a joint, smoking a blunt is equivalent to smoking 6 joints. Isn't that awesome?  

  • Blunt Wrappers: The blunt wrappers are very porous in nature. They are even more permeable than your usual rolling paper. So, be careful with them.

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  • Healthier than Pot: When you smoke a pot, as compared to blunt, you inhale deeply. Pot also makes you hold large amounts of unfiltered smoke for a longer period of time. This means that you are more exposed to irritants as compared to blunt.

What is the difference between Blunts & Joints?

 What is the difference between Blunts & Joints?

Yeah! You may have heard about this, but today let me make this clear for you. Blunts are nothing like joints. Despite the obvious similarities between the two, blunts and joints are two different animals. 

  • Looks and Designs: For blunts, it is the tobacco leaf that we roll to smoke ‘em while in joints, rolling papers are used. The former is dark brown in colour and in joints, the rolling papers are white or cream in colour. So, even in appearance, both joints and blunts are very different.

  • Nicotine: Blunts have nicotine content as the tobacco leaf that is used to roll them, are exposed to it. According to the official research, there are about 1.2 to 6.0 milligrams of nicotine content per wrapper.

  • Flower: Blunts are much bigger than joints as it is much bigger and longer in size. Blunts can contain more than 2 gms of flower in it, which is much higher than a regular joint. Hence, the smoking sessions with blunts are longer and headier.

  • Experience: Blunt wrappers are thicker than the rolling paper used in joints. It takes more time to burn and your sessions are more prolonged. This is the reason why blunts are more popular than any other smoking paraphernalia. 

How to Roll a Blunt? 

 How to Roll a Blunt

Satisfied with what you read? Now get ready to roll. Below are the instruction and guide regarding how to roll a perfect blunt. 

  • Grind Your Greens

    Grind Your Greens

  • The first step is to obviously break your flower down. For grinding them, you have two options. Either, you grind your flower with the help of herb grinders or with your fingers. I personally prefer herb grinders. Have a look at some of the best of them.
    So, grind your dry herbs to perfection but not too much. The more your grind, the quicker it will burn out.

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  • Ready the Wrapper
    This step is for all those stoners that don’t have blunt paper and are using tobacco leaves instead. Pull apart your cigar or cigarillo and empty it from tobacco. Carefully cut the edges of the paper with the help of a sharp knife.

    Cigar paper is quite thick and it can be difficult to deal with them. So you have to moisten it to make it work. You can moisten it with the help of saliva or water. Carefully, spread the drops on the whole leaf. 

  • Fill ‘em

    Here comes the most interesting part. Fill the leaf centre with the flower and spread it evenly. Try not to overdo it and keep it somewhere between 1-2 grams. It can get messy to seal the blunt if you overdo it.

  • Roll, Seal, and Smoke

Roll, Seal, and Smoke

  • After distributing the green evenly, it’s time to pack it. Roll your blunt and seal it with the help of your fingers and saliva. Lick the blunt and seal the exposed edge. To make it more sturdy, use a lighter over the exterior of the blunt to bake it. Once you have perfectly rolled your blunt, light the baby up!

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Whether it is blunt or joint, both are widely used by the potheads. But still, the most preferable rolled flower style is blunt. By the end of reading this article, you would have understood everything about it. If you’ve any queries, comment below and for more of such content, follow the space.

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