Smoking up entails the act of breaking up your weed into the most fluffy, consistency. I mean, who doesn't like the anatomy of perfectly shredded herbs, for the absolute even burn. It is quite a bummer when you are ready with all your accessories, only to realize that your precious grinder is missing. 

For those desperate times, we have curated this article on how to grind weed without a grinder. Make sure you're ready to explore all the stoned creativity that have evolved multiple ways to shred Marijuana.

Let's get started. 

1. Go the Basic Way!

Let's be real, weed has been here for a long time, but the technologically advanced grinders are a thing of today. Long before the blades came to shred the herbs, we have been going at it with our crafted and talented fingers, picking them apart, and oh so efficiently. 

Rolling the buds with Hands

I know you are left with the green 'hulk' fingertips that are not very discreet, but the fact that fingers are always readily available to do the deed makes them a good alternative. Let's revise the most basic way of grinding weed without a grinder. 

The first step is to wash your hands (Covid has taught us how to do that) and then pick the biggest piece from the lot. Break it into smaller, more manageable, pieces ensuring that you are not crushing it or being too heavy-handed. Your weed could either be sticky or dry, depending on the outer covering of trichomes; either way, be careful not to ruin the good part. The old DIY method of picking apart the buds should be done on a plain, flat surface for easy handling. 

To avoid the sticky fingers, you can try rolling the buds in parchment paper or rolling paper before you start picking them up. 

2. Knife and Board

On the lists of How to grind weed without a grinder, this option is evident everywhere. This green might be different from the other green you usually chop on the board, but the method is equally effective. Moreover, a knife and a chopping board are easily available in almost all households making this a very feasible DIY way to shred the herbs. 

 Knife and Board

For the knife, any decently available sharp knife will do the deed. Some cannabis connoisseurs insist on using the Chef's knife but a Steak knife, paring knife, butcher knife, pocketknife, or even the razor blade would do the deed. Make sure you're not turning it into a powdery consistency but into a fine, even consistency, similar to what you experience with the grinder blades. 

Though the option is a pretty easy one if you have the knife skills, however, beware of the cut. I have homies who have been so excited with this project and ended up spilling something more than just the green herbs. Chop in moderation, allowing the bugs to dry out a bit. Furthermore, the build-up resin will stick to the knife and the board so remember to scrape it and wash it as quickly as possible. 

Chop, chop, chop, and then roll, roll, roll!

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3. Glasses and Scissors

We have gotten our fingers dirty and the chopping board built up with resin, but there may be another way that would make grinding weed without a grinder much easier. 

This is one of the methods that you can adopt anywhere, not just when you're confined in your home. All you need is a shot glass and a pair of scissors. The idea began with a shot glass as it has the perfect tall walls to stop any spilling and the petite diameter keeping the chopping very maintained. However, in case you don't seem to have a shot glass lying around, pretty much any glass or cup would do the task. 

Glasses and Scissors

Like any other method, make sure you watch the glass and the scissors prior to the work. Add some of the nugs into the glass, ensuring you're not filling it to the brim as that would spill the weed during the chop-chop motion. 

Place the scissor inside the glass, and start with the snipping motion without any rush or speed. And once you start seeing the buds coming apart, it's your cue to find your favourite stash of papers and roll a masterpiece!

4. Coffee Grinder

Continuing our kitchen chronicles on the list of how to grind weed without a grinder, it is time to take a little simpler way than the one suggested above. This time, we are using the coffee grinder; one type of grinder replacing another. 

Coffee Grinder

Using a coffee grinder to break up the weed is not a very new concept. People who like making top-shelf edibles and oils indulge in shredding the herb with a coffee grinder since it takes less time to grind bigger batches. 

The most obvious thing here is to clean your coffee grinder before throwing your favourite strain in it unless you want to mix your coffee taste with that of the Marijuana. 

The best advice that I have gotten is to never overpack the grinder; we do not want to overwhelm the grinder. If you're using a manual one, you can adjust the consistency as per your convenience. However, when using an electric one, make sure you customize the setting to ensure your weed isn't turned into a fine dusty powder. 

Those precious, sticky trichomes must be preserved at all cost!

The method is also extremely popular among Cannabis Chef since it is easy, simple, and allows you to get a load of shredded herbs to decarboxylate. Also, indulge in this method only if you're ready to clean the sticky resin from the grinder later on.

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5. Blender

Okay, I know we are pushing our limit with this one, but hey, you asked how to grind weed without a grinder and we have just so many innovative ways to address the question. 


It might be a little showy, but when push comes to shove and you need that rolled masterpiece, lit and between your lips, everything can be given a chance. However, a word of caution; blenders are usually more high-powered than a grinder and might turn your weed into powder. Keep an eye on the consistency, manage the intervals and the pulse settings. If everything works out, you'd be toking on the most consistent, even weed that you ever have. Bong it, Roll it Or even Vape it.

And once you are done grinding and scooping every last bit of the cannabis, throw in the content of your favourite smoothie for some delectable Ganja Drink!

6. Pestle and Mortar

We have been in the kitchen for a while, but a lot of how to grind weed without a grinder questions are answered there. Can't help it! ;)

Pestle and Mortar

Taking the ancient way forward, we are using the popular tool - Pestle and Mortar to give you a way to shred those herbs. It's even better for people who don't have a coffee grinder or blender at their disposal or don't want to compromise them. 

The only rule here is to allow your cannabis to get dry before we put them into the mortar (the bowl) and use the pestle to grind it up. Continuously press and turn on the buds, but not too hard, until you get the desired consistency. Shake the bowl to check the buds are evenly ground, and here it is, shredded herbs ready to be smoked. 

7. Grater

Move away Cheese, we have something else to grate!

It is one of the easiest ways to grind weed without a grinder and doesn't even demand electricity or any complicated functions to do the job. Most of the graters have different sized cutting-edge; choose the one that would fit your preferred consistency the best. 


Grab a clean plate and place the grater above it, and get on to it. You have to follow the same steps as you do with your beautiful block of parmesan cheese. Take the nug and rub it against the cutting-edge of the grater, preferably with the one with the smallest hole. Even the most sticky, most stubborn nug swiftly and easily falls into the container below. 

The only caution that you have to take is to ensure your fingers are safe from the sharp blade. And if you have a hard time getting the weed out from the holes, keep a poker handy. 

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8. Coin and Bottle

Not a very highly recommended trick to grind weed without a grinder, but it can be used in desperate times. You would only need a pill bottle (or similar sized container) and a coin, dime or any slightly sharp object. 

Coin and Bottle

The idea here is to allow the coin to ricochet off the walls of the container and slice the herbs, giving us the shredded marijuana that we need. You just simply need to place the weed inside, throw in the coin, seal the lid, and shake like you're developing your favourite polaroid. 

However, it is not the most feasible option. For one, both the essentials involved are everyday objects and need to be thoroughly cleaned, especially with the covid scare. Moreover, you can't do the shaking with a plastic baggier or feeble container cause' the coin might break it, spilling your weed everywhere. 

9. Miscellaneous Ways

Now that we have addressed all the sane answers to how to grind weed without a grinder, let's look at some really desperate measures you can take when none of the above DIYs seems feasible. 

The first on the list is using keys- yes, keys to do the deed. If you remember, they have a serrated edge that can be used as a blade to grind the Marijuana. If you're not keen on using the keys, the next option is to go for the credit card. Not a very efficient one, but go ahead and use it as a knife. 

Another weird, but interestingly workable option is to use a pizza cutter. Not very different from a knife, you can use it to back and forth to get the desired consistency. And if nothing works, you can always use a Razor, isn't it?

This brings us to the end of our blog on how to grind weed without a grinder. I mean if you're looking to avoid all the trouble, you can simply get an affordable weed grinder from the headshop. These DIY methods may seem like an easy way out, but a herb grinder is compact, easy, and not to mention, adds to the aesthetics of smoking and rolling. 

For more such articles and stoners know-how, keep watching this space.

Till then, toke it your way with Olivastu!