We may have been moving forward in the canna-world, but the shackles of the past remain tight and secured. With several countries legalizing weed, the hush-hush, code words, and sneaky attitude has been slowly disappearing. You can be more open and honest about Marijuana today than you could ever have been 50 years ago. However, there are still some places where the stigmatized view of the green buds has not budged, and you have to adopt a different jargon altogether when you're talking about your favourite plants. 

The Marijuana Terminology has a cult of its own with words like a fifth, an eighth to more complicated ones like blitzed, hotboxing, etc. A stoner can survive without the need for complicated words, but when it comes to measurement and money, you ought to be a little more informed. Whether you have a local dealer or a designated headshop for your 420 needs, it always helps to know the meaning of a few commonly thrown around words. Not to mention, it also avoids you being duped by someone. 

For those places where the ancient Marijuana Measurement Guide is still active, or simply because your local head shop likes to use the jargon of the past leaving you confused, this article is for you. As the ancient weed terminology still stays rooted and you find it difficult to navigate through, it is time to take out your notepads cause' I am teaching you all about cannabis quantities. 

We will be looking at what is a dub, a dime, nick, and key; the oldest measurement jargon for our beautiful sticky buds. 

Let's get started!

What is a Dime?

Dime is often the most common stoner slang used around the pot world. Slang for the word 'ten', a dime simply means 10 dollars worth of weed. If you go up to your dealer or a local head shop and ask for a dime, they are going to charge you 10 dollars.

What is a Dime

The quantity of a dime is not precisely fixed, but the world of buds agree that it varies between a gram to a half a gram that can hardly fill a blunt. I find that the quantity of Dime is perfect for novice tokers looking to explore the world of green buds, or for loners who only want to smoke a bowl once in a while. It is agreed that you get more bang for the buck if you use a dime in pipes or bowls. 

Also, you can always give a compliment to your homie by calling him/her a dime, as being a dime makes them 10/10. 

What is a Nick?

Nick, not Jonas, is for desperate times when you're craving a puff and are hanging low on the money branch. When you ask your dealer for a nick, you're essentially asking for half a gram or $5 worth of weed. I mean it's not a lot, but desperate time calls for desperate measures, and we never say no to weed. 

Enough to pack a few bowls, Nick is enough to keep you on the surface for the day. 

What is a Nick

What is a Dub?

As it works with Dime, Dub is referred to the amount you pay for a certain amount of Marijuana. A Dub is 20 dollars worth of weed, which rounds to about a gram of weed. Some generous dealers might also offer you a discount, like a 15-dollar-dub, which means you have to pay $15 for a gram to one and a half gram of weed, which would normally be for 20 dollars. 

A standard dub is usually between 1.1 grams and 1.5 grams of weed, making it ideal for loading a small glass pipe or bubbler a couple of times.

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What is a Key?

What is a Key

Nick, Dime, and Dub are used to refer to smaller quantities, but when it comes to a key, we are talking home an entire lot. In the pot world, a Key is referred to a kilo which is a thousand, meaning it denotes a thousand grams. A kilo is approximately 2.3 pounds, so unless you are planning to open up a dispensary, that's a lot of weed!

The price of the key is not fixed as we say with the other measurement slangs, and not every dealer will be dealing with such a huge amount. Moreover, a key is usually bought for distribution, rather than personal consumption.

Coming to the end of our blog on what is a dub and what is a dime, I hope you have a clear picture of the cannabis quantities. You don't have to stand confused in front of the dealer anymore, and just make sure you're getting the money's worth of buds. GO ahead, and impress your budtender. 

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