There is absolutely no lack of creativity when it comes to the pot world, green herbs, and ecstatic stoners. From discovering new and unique smoking devices to persistently moving forward with peculiar ways to toke the many forms of herbs, the cannabis community has never failed to spark research, a discussion, or simply present something awesome.

If at one end of the spectrum stands the concept of rave parties, at the other end, lies wake and bake. A pretty self-explanatory term, wake and bake is gaining popularity in the stoner's world, with more and more marijuana lovers coming to love the concept of breaking their fast with sticky concentrates or a tightly-rolled joint. 

Let's take an in-depth look into the world of Wake and Bake.

What is Wake and Bake?

Your alarm clock rings, and you wake up groggy and defeated by the sun rays, especially if you're not a morning person. Whether you have to drag yourself to the bathroom or simply skip breakfast because you don't have enough energy, the concept of wake and bake has it all solved. 

Imagine you wake up, dreading the long day ahead and hide away again in the blanket. But then you spot your bowl of Marijuana, and there is a spark that asks you to roll a joint or quickly load your vaporiser with the shredded herbs. And the next thing you know, that quick morning toke filled you with enough zeal and strength to face the day! 

That's pretty much what is Wake and Bake. To put it simply, you wake up, and you get baked. And don’t worry, you don’t have to ‘smoke’ to take in the benefits of  Marijuana in the morning. People have a list of wake and bake edibles and recipes that get them rolled to the right side of the bed in the morning. 

Marijuana does not just make your day more palatable but also allows you to fight the morning blues, be productive, and finally drive to work with a more zealous attitude that you normally would. And let's face it, we would all love a morning like that!

What is Wake and Bake

Even if you're not trying to combat your morning blues, or you're one of those lucky people who find getting off the bed easier than most of us, having a punch of Marijuana in the morning can really tone up your day. 

The beauty and benefit of Wake and Bake is just this - It wipes away the cobwebs from the brain, allowing the person to function through the grogginess and unpleasant-ness. 

But what is it about Wake and Bake that pulls the person out of the abyss and throws them over to the productive side?

Let's explore more.

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The Science behind Wake and Bake

The previous section shed light on the meaning of wake and bake. Let’s approach the concept with more logic and explanations. 

The concept of wake and bake seems like an interesting one, and according to a 2017 Global Drug Survey, nearly 22 percent of pot smokers in the US smoke up within the first 10 minutes of the day.

The world of cannabis, though an interesting one, has very little research or documentation behind the wake and bake. However, there is a consensus among stoners that consuming Marijuana first thing in the morning seems to get us higher than at any other time of the day. 

Science behind Wake and Bake

There is a section of society that believes that a higher intensity of the cannabinoids in the morning is nothing but an illusion of sorts, as your brain is yet to grasp on to its complete functionality. On the other hand, the logical reason is also that consuming weed first thing in the morning acts similar to caffeine consumption. When your body is drained, the first sip of coffee hits home with much higher intensity, when you compare it to any other time. Similarly, the THC that enters a drained body seems to have a much more intense effect than the one that enters after you have replenished the body. Wake and Bake effects, therefore, act similarly to the first splash of caffeine in the nearly-dead brain. 

This is mainly attributed to the fact that when the body has been without nutrients for hours, there is nothing else to compete with the cannabinoids. Hence, the THC appears more potent similar to how you are advised to take medications on an empty stomach.

Tips for Wake and Bake

As with every other thing in the weed-zone, there are some tips and tricks to enhance your experience. As for Wake and Bake, let me give you four of the best tips that help you have an awesome waking up sesh.

Let’s make wake and bake simplified!

1. Sativa or Indica

For a more learned cannabis connoisseur, you know that the difference between an Indica and Sativa is more than just how they look. Sativa strains are known for their energetic, pulsating, and creative rush, whereas Indica High is more on the relaxed and mellow end of the spectrum. 

Naturally, for a wake and bake session, it is always a good idea to go for a Sativa Strain, in particular Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, Jack Herer or the likes of these. These strains are known to give you just enough boost to get on with the day with the headspace to get the work done, whether it is a creative job or a laborious one. That being said, wake and bake with Indica strain is not entirely shunned.
A relaxing morning would really appreciate some Indica high.

2. Hydration & Nutrients

Having the first dose of Marijuana on an empty stomach is basically what Wake and Bake is all about. But that does not mean that you keep your body away from the necessary nutrients. It is extremely helpful to eat breakfast or anything after the first sesh of the day. It helps your body to gain enough capacity to function for the rest of the day, whereas it also levels out the 'high', keeping it balanced and sustained throughout the day.

Wake and Bake Tips

3. Cannabis and Dosage

You're consuming weed in the morning - it is a little obvious to have an eye on the dosage and the ratio of THC and CBD. You don't want to set an alarm off at work regarding your productivity, and if you're doing this sneakily, a higher dose will result in paranoia. You don't want to sweat out your office hours wondering if there is a drug test coming.

4. Vape & Edibles

It is easier to control the size of the hits with vaporisers than it is with the old-school methods like blazing a joint or smoking a bowl. It is also a more convenient way to consume green herbs right in the morning. 

For those who are not keen to hop onto the world of cloudy smoke in the morning, you can always opt for low dose edibles to maintain the buzz throughout the day. It is especially less suspicious if you're opting for wake and bake before work.

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Problems of Wake and Bake

You know what wake and bake is by now, but it is a concept not devoid of issues. Let’s take a look at a few common hurdles that we face with morning highs. 

The first problem with wake and bake is that it doesn't always work for everyone. I have a few homies who feel even more groggy and foggy after smoking in the morning. Not everyone can feel the cerebral enhancement with the first puff in the morning. While this issue is about choice and weed dis-agreeing with your body, the other one is a little more on the serious end. 

In 2016, a team of researchers presented the fact that using marijuana in the morning is a signatory of cannabis addiction. The study was published in the journal Addiction Research and Theory, claiming that the wake and bake concept is not very different from the frowned upon concept of drinking during the day. And we know how drinking during the day has been associated with alcoholism. 

“Morning users reported significantly more problems than non-morning users, and morning use accounted for significant unique variance in problems,” the study says. It also concludes that “Morning use of marijuana may indicate dependence and increased cannabis-related impairment.”

It is possible that the people who indulge in a wake and bake or smoke weed before noon might have some deeper issues.

The Best Wake and Bake Strains

Wake and Bake Strains

No Wake and Bake discussion is complete without having a section of wake and bake strains. Of course, there are a plethora of strains that are known for their morning high. Let’s take a look at 5 of them!

1. Candy Jack

Not only does it have an alluring name, but it makes for a tempting morning strain. The Sativa-dominant strain is more suitable for seasoned potheads with its hard-hitting effects and a solid genetic background. It takes the best characteristics of Jack Herer and Skunk strains, only to create an award-winning strain that has too much to offer. The high is usually described as uplifting and energetic, with an aroma that keeps you tempted for more. It also helps with appetite loss, ensuring you never miss another breakfast. 

2. Chocolate Thai

We just spoke about candy, and here we are on the chocolatey side of things. Even though it is a strain that is not easily available, the landrace Sativa is known to start your day with the right amount of high. Apart from its mellow effects that are perfect for less experienced tokers, its tempting fragrance makes it one of the best wake and bake strains. It is known to spark a creative fire that keeps you going in the morning, along with the ability to fight the morning blues and pain.

3. Green Crack

It is one of the most popular wake and bake strains and gives you the right kind of head start in the morning. The Sativa-dominant strain not only offers a kick, speedy energetic feel in the morning but also makes you more social. If your job demands meeting people in the morning, you know this little green buddy will help you get through the tiring process with unmatched zeal and energy. Get super-focused with this beautiful strain!

4. Lemon Haze

A classic example of when life gives you lemons, you make something better from it. The name derives from its prominent lemony aroma and a slight yellow tint on the green buds. The parent strain, Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze lend their most loved characteristics to the child strain, resulting in a long-lasting, uplifting high. Just perfect for the kind of inspiration you need in the morning. Wake and Bake with the Lemon Haze feel like a burst of motivation and creativity that sets your day in the right direction.

5. Sour Diesel

When you hear the words ‘sour’ and ‘diesel’ in a single strain, you know it is going to be legendary. One of the favourite wake and bake strains, Sour Diesel does not just give you an uplifting high but is also a treat to your olfactory senses. Curated for the expert potheads, the strain provides mood-boosting and stress-relieving properties that enhance your morning high. 

You're aware of the Wake and Bake pros and cons, its concept, and the tips for having an awesome session. So the next time you're planning to blaze a joint in the morning, keep them in mind. 

For more such articles, keep watching this space.