Getting high and inebriated seems like a nice plan when you're hanging out with your homies on a Saturday night, but a sudden interview or a workplace drug test on Monday can render you catatonic. But fret not, we are here to help you navigate through the entire science behind cannabis staying back into the system long after the high is over, as well as giving you solutions that can make your life easier.

As curiosity sometimes creeps behind you and makes you question everything, I found myself researching cannabis interaction with our metabolism. The detectable feature of cannabis is not a very positive element for stoners and let's face it, weed doesn't exactly have the 'good' reputation in most countries and society. So if you're looking for the timeline when your system will be weed-free or simply want to find a backdoor to a scheduled test, I am here to help you out.

Let's get started!

How long does Cannabis stay in your System?

How long does Cannabis stay in your System

The easiest answer to how long does cannabis stay in your system is that it depends on the dose. It can vary between 1 to 30 days after last use. Weed detection window depends on the intake, whether you're smoking or taking edibles. As one would think, a higher dose or frequent usage are linked with longer detection times. In some cases, it may even be detectable even after 3 months. 

Let's take a look at the different detection windows for cannabis tests in different parts and fluids. Begin the game of Marijuana Drug Test!

Urine Testing

If you’re wondering how long weed stays in your urine, here’s your answer.

This is the most common type of test involved with weed detection. However, the detection also depends on what type of user you are. 

For an occasional user, as defined by using marijuana up to three times a week, marijuana stays in urine for 3 days. If you use it four times a week, the cannabis will be detectable for 7 days and chronic or daily users, it may last up to 1-15 days before coming clean on a urine test. If you're an extremely heavy user, it can even take more than a month to be cleaned out of your urine and system. Since the cannabis binds to the fat molecules, a more frequent user will have to wait for a longer time to naturally get rid of the evidence. This is how long the cannabis stays in your urine. 

Blood Testing

Another very popular question that we get is how long does cannabis stay in your blood? Let’s take a look at the blood testing method.

Blood Drug Test is the second most common type of weed detection and is usually performed to indicate recent use of weed. The reason behind this is that the weed is detectable in the bloodstream within seconds of inhalation and might leave its sign for up to 2 days. However, a more heavy user might find it in their blood even after 25 days. 

Since the THC and other cannabinoids are distributed to the tissue from wherein they are reabsorbed in the blood and broken down, it might take a while for heavier users to come clean with blood testing.

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Saliva Testing

The Saliva Test, though uncommon, also provides the information on whether or not you've smoked. If you’re wondering how long does weed stay in your saliva, for an occasional user, it can be detectable for 1-3 days, whereas for chronic users it can vary between a day to a month. Exposure to smoke might also make weed enter the Saliva, however, its metabolites exist only when the weed has been smoked or ingested.

Hair Testing

We get a lot of questions around how long weed stays in your hair system, and let’s see the answer.

According to trusted sources, marijuana in hair can be detected in the hair follicle tests for up to 90 days. Since the marijuana reaches the hair follicles with the help of small blood vessels, it leaves its trace behind in the hair. If you do the math with the hair growth being 0.5 inches per month, it will take more than 3 months to grow out the follicles.

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What factors influence the Marijuana detection?

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Now that you are aware of how long cannabis stays in your system, let's take a look at what influences this stay.

THC dose

The Drug Tests that are typically designed to detect Marijuana are in reality, made to detect the THC content in the body. If you're someone who smokes multiple times in a week, the THC content is going to be higher in your body. Hence, your drug test would come back positive. 

To determine how much a strain contains THC requires laboratory tests, and contrary to popular belief, how 'high' you get is not an accurate measurement of THC content in a strain.

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Body fat

Cannabis is known to bind with fat, which is how it travels in our body. Having a higher concentration of fat in the body may slow down the cleansing process. It also said that BMI (Body Mass Index) is also a good way to measure body fat and, therefore, decide whether marijuana would stay for long with you. 

On a similar note, females are known to have more body fat, which concludes that the metabolization in the females may be slower.

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Drinking water has always been crowned as being great for the face, weight loss, and many other things, but it might also be helpful to dampen the trace of THC. It's not very likely to affect the drug tests, but dehydration tends to increase the THC content in the body, which might lead to longer manifestation periods.


To have a great metabolism is a blessing, and it is true even in the 420 world. Having a good metabolism helps to throw out the THC from the body and metabolic chemicals quicker than those with slower metabolisms. 


This brings us to the end of our article: how long does cannabis stay in your system? Hope you found this informative and helpful.