With good weed comes great responsibilities! 

I am sure as a pot lover or a stoned connoisseur, you have come across multiple occasions where you needed to hide the stash from prying eyes and curious noses. Whether your partner dislikes the natural herbs or you're simply hiding it from your family or parents, everyone needs a safe space where they can easily hide their weed collection without having to give lengthy explanations about how it really is oregano. (I mean, come on!)

The popular view of the society of cannabis doesn't help the situation, and you might have found yourself annoyingly hiding your stash in quiet corners and then forgot all about them. Of course, having a baggie right in front of your nose is also not a good idea, but having a secure, air-tight, and unsuspecting space seems like bliss. 

If you're looking for some really dope diversion safe stash for your precious herbs, take a look at this list. It definitely has one for everyone!

Best Diversion Safe Stash for Weed Lovers

1. Hair Brush Diversion Safe

The best kind of diversion safe is the one that doubles up as the concealing object. And who doesn't need a hairbrush?

Hair Brush Diversion Safe

Even if you're not very enthusiastic about your hair, you can always explain why you have a hairbrush in your bag. Whether it is at the home, office, in your car or simply on a trip or an outing, a hairbrush is never out of place. 

The hairbrush diversion safe is equipped with a handle that unscrews, revealing a safe hidden space inside. You can stash your baggie, lighter, or any other valuables that you want to be concealed from the snoops. Pretty simple and efficient, don't you think?

Talking about hair brushes, we also have a hair spray stash can that is as discreet, real, and useful as the hairbrush one. 

2. Pringles Secret Stash Can

You cannot miss the Pringles Can when talking about secret safe stash spaces for your green herbs. This particular diversion safe is my favourite since it comes with the chips (YES!), and that's how realistic these diversion safe aim to be. They even sound the same when you rattle, so no suspecting eyes are looking for something other than chips.

The only drawback here is you cannot choose your flavour, but then, for that, you have the store. 

Pringles Secret Stash Can

The Secret Stash Can is equipped with a bottom which can be unscrewed, relieving the hidden compartment. It boasts of a good amount of space so you can easily stash the big baggies here. Just make sure this particular can doesn't reach the pantry. 

3. Soft Drink/Beer Secret Safe Stash Can

The most cleverly designed stash can, these soft drink diversion safes are made from real can material to give it an authentic look. 

If you're an avid soft drink lover, these won't even seem unusual if you're in an everyday setting. And if your colleague or roommate picks this up, it is made to weigh similar to the original soft drink can. 

Red Bull Energy Drink

From the Fizzy Soft Drinks to the Red Bull Energy Drink, you can find all types of can stash that allows you to take a hit discreetly. Simply unscrew the bottom to reveal a disguised safe that is spacious enough to hold a good amount of weed and some smoking accessories. 

And if you're not keen on getting a soft drink stash can, you can always opt for the Beer stash can that is designed in different brands and authentic make to give it a very real feel. 

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4. Bottle Diversion Safe Stash

If we are talking about cans, why not bottles? 

These are just another invention that makes the life of every pot lover so much easier. You can be someone who is not fond of soft drinks, but you are always going to drink water. 

Aquafina Bottle Diversion Safe Stash

The Aquafina Bottle Diversion Safe Stash is very smartly designed to hold a significant amount of anything you wish to hide. The bottle is divided into three parts which easily comes off. You can even fill the surroundings with water to give it an authentic look. 

And you know that you can carry a water bottle quite literally anywhere.

And while we are on the topic of bottles, you can also opt for the Coca Cola Diversion Stash Bottle that also works on the same mechanism as the Aquafina Water Bottle one.

A perfectly safe way to be discreet and smart!

5. Sterling Heinz Diversion Safe Stash Can

You have the chips and the soft drink bottle/can, but if you want to dig a deeper into the food section, we also have the holy grail of stash cans; the Heinz Stash Can

You can choose from the Beans, Tomato Soup, or the Spaghetti one; whichever would suit your surrounding and liking. The Stash Can have an easy to remove base that is very easy to take off. The hollow can present you with more than enough space to hide any type of safe objects there, ranging from your rolling accessories to a huge bag of pot. A small can, but it serves its objective pretty well! ;)

6. Deodorant Stash Can

A stash can that is designed in the shape and face of your deodorant; pretty dope, isn't it?

You can have your pick between the Axe Deodorant Stash can or the Lynx Deodorant Diversion Safe. Both of them are designed articulately to mirror a 150ml bottle of the specified brand. They are also weighted to resemble the deodorant. Ah, the brain that went behind making such dope accessories!

 Axe Deodorant Stash can

The top of the deodorant can be easily unscrewed to reveal a pretty spacious compartment that will never land in any wrong hand. I mean, who thinks about unscrewing a bottle of deodorant. 

Use a smell-proof baggie to hide your stash in these cans, and there will be no prying noses or curious brains hanging around this discreet bottle. 

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7. Everyday Home Items - Discreet Stash Safe

What's better than having a bunch of items that are so randomly found in every home that they never turn heads or draw any attention? 

The unsuspecting objects can be placed anywhere, and you can carelessly stash them anywhere without having care of what other people will think. And these items do not draw much attention causing zero accidental discovery of your stash cans. 

Air Wick Freshener Stash Can

One of the finest diversion safes is the Air Wick Freshener Stash Can that is so carefully designed and weighted to reflect the true can that it is almost impossible to find any difference between them. With a spacious safe chamber, it can prove to be the most efficient way to hide your stash in the bathroom. 

Another discreet stash safe that can be put in the bathroom is the Toilet Brush Safe. Of course, the name is pretty self-explanatory, and this equipment is placed in every washroom, making it even less suspecting to any passerby or guest. 

Another item that you can place in your house without having anyone being inquisitive about is the wall clock. The clock stash safe is the most reliable way to store your weed away from curious hands since it will be hanging on the wall. You can simply open the backside of the clock and have a personal shelf to keep all your smoking accessories.

clock stash safe

If you don't want the hassle of climbing walls to access your stash, you can always get a candle diversion safe. These are made from real candles with a hollowed bottom (with a compartment). You can even burn the wick to give it an authentic, used look and continue to use it to hide your precious herbs and anything else that you might like. 

The last item is the one thing that is most generally found in every bookshelf of the world - a dictionary!

The Collins English Dictionary Diversion Safe Stash is designed to look like a sturdy, maintained dictionary, but actually holds a secret chamber which can be accessed by the base. 

8. ToolBox Stash Items

If you're someone who owns a toolbox and related items, these diversion stash safes will prove to be very helpful when you're looking for a quick hiding spot which cannot be easily accessed. I don't think anyone would look at a screwdriver or a nut & bolt, thinking what lies inside. 

screwdriver Secret Stash Safe

Starting with the most obvious item of a toolbox, the screwdriver Secret Stash Safe is undetectably unscrews separating the metal part from the bottom. The hollowed base contains a good amount of space for you to keep a nominal amount of cannabis, or simply a small joint or cone. 

On the same note, we have the nut and bolt stash safe which is relatively small when compared to other stash safes. However, it can be very ideal if you're carrying a small amount of weed. 

Moving on from tool items to containers that are usually paired with the tools is the WD-40 Lubricant Spray. It is designed to accurately mimic the original spray bottle and is even weighted the same to some extent. 

The best part; no one will ever suspect the bottom can come apart and have a secret safe. 

On a similar note, you can also get your hands on the Tire Inflator Safe Stash Can which is also designed in the same manner as the WD-40 Stash Can. 

This brings us to the end of our article on best diversion safes for weed. Of course, you can always get more options at Olivastu, and find something even more funnily designed or discreet.

Till then, keep toking with Olivastu!