When it comes to delicious-sounding strains, the world of cannabis has no deficiency. We come from the family of Chocolate strains to the enticing Purple strains that take your breath away with just a single look. However, some strains in the canna-world have made such a long-lasting impression on the smokers that it borders on becoming a classic; Girl Scout Cookies being one of them. 

If you're wondering about those delicious cookies that were a trademark of school girls finding customers, you're absolutely innocent. We all wonder where this name came from, but one slight whiff of this beautiful strain and all your doubts will be put to rest. While many of us are a huge fan of Girl Scout Cookies Strain, now more popularly known as GSC, many of the people on the other side are also not very sure where it gets the hype from. No matter where you find yourself in this category, let's take an in-depth look into the Girl Scout Cookies and find reasons for their glaring popularity. 

Let's get started. 

What are Girl Scout Cookies?

Girls Scout Cookies is not your ordinary strain. It has many accolades and awards to its name, including the many Cannabis Cups that define how heavy and hard-hitting the strain is. 

girl scout cookies

A hybrid with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, it boasts of having a THC content that surpasses the 25% mark, almost bordering on 28%. By now, I am pretty sure you have your eyebrows raised and an impressed look on your face. Yes, it is that powerful!

The GSC also has phenotypes including the very popular Thin Mint GSC and Platinum GSC. If you're looking for CBD content in your strain, you might want to stay clear of the GSC strains as they have less than 1% CBD. 

Girl Scout Cookies made its way from the Bay Area of Northern California but now is a favourite among North Americans and every enthusiastic toker in the world. Its hype is also attributed to the rapper Berner who is now known as the 'Cookie Fam' pertaining to the strain's reputation. It is bred from the famous OG Kush and F1 Durban and falls in the difficult category when it comes to growing it. But hey, that has not stopped the people from loving it and going gaga over it.  

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What does GSC feel like?

For everyone who doesn't know what this potent strain entails, let me give you a brief overview before moving on to the topic of the hour. 

Starting with the aroma, the enticing pungent smell gets to the stoner in your every time. Almost like a bag of the Original Girls Scout Cookies, it gives you the perfect combination of dessert-y and trichome covered buds.

Why do people like it so much?

Coming to the MVP of the blog, let's address the reason for the hype behind this beautiful strain. I am sure someone within your homies has said that the strain is overrated or there is nothing 'soo good' about it. But let's face it, it has been the face of dope strain for many years now, and it is only fair to highlight why people enjoy Girl Scout Cookies Strain so much.

Girl Scout Cookies is currently one of the most prolific and highly coveted varieties on dispensary shelves nationwide.

Why do People Enjoy Girl Scout Cookies?

Reason 1: The Aesthetics

You have to agree that an enticing looking bud makes all the difference in the world when compared to a plain green one. 

The appealing nature of the Girl Scout Cookies is enhanced by the captivating look of the strain. Much darker in colour than your usual buds, it flaunts a deeper green with attractive purple hues that makes your heart pounds. And the best part is its bright crystals, hair, and the resin touch giving it frosty aesthetic overcoat. 

Brb, I am going to admire some Girl Scout Cookies Strain. 

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Reason 2: Potency

For all the stoners looking to get completely blitzed and like the higher numbers when it comes to THC content, GSC is your jam! Though its name is a little on the softer tone and does not sound like a 9 Pound Hammer, the Girl Scout Cookies make for a real hard-hitting and potent strain that will leave you smashed out for a good 3-4 hours. 

Even the low THC strain of the GSC phenotype or crosses tests around 22% while the higher side can reach up to 30%. Even though it is known to provide low yields and can be difficult to grow, it is still accepted and loved by growers all over the world owing to its demand, popularity, and of course, the resin-covered potency. 

This Indica-dominant strain is winning hearts!

Reason 3: Enticing Aroma

Okay, I know that many cannabis strains transfer you straight to Nirvana with their attractive and captivating aroma. But there is something about Girl Scout Cookies that take you straight into the bag of cookies that you used to buy from school girls or used to enjoy in school. It is a bag full of memories, and yet it possesses its own qualities. 

It is said that its aroma is the Loudest of the loud, and if grown perfectly, it is like opening a fresh box of Girl Scout Cookies. I am a fan, especially of the Thin Mint Phenotype. 

Reason 4: Delicacy

A hard-hitting strain is amplified when it meets with a tasty, delectable tingling sensation on your taste buds. Its unique flavour is noticeable as you take a puff, and the cookies strain rightly enters the league of OGs, Chems, Sours, Kushes, and the other popular strains. Its terpene profile is expansive and once you experience how different it is, you will keep coming back for more. 

The mint phenotype of the Girl Scout Cookies is known as one of the most popular strains in recent times. Even though it is not sweet strain, it has a little backdrop of sweetness hidden in the skunky, OG-dominant terpene profile. 

Reason 5: Name is Everything!

The Girl Scout Cookies made an appearance in 2009, and after that, every other strain has been following its footstep into naming their strains after a dessert. There is a slight appeal to having a strain with enticing names, and GSC tops the list here. 

With a catchy name, an attractive look, appealing flavour, and a hard-hitting effect, Girl Scout Cookies Strain is definitely a packaged deal. 

I hope you're now a fan of the Girl Scout Cookies. If not, I have given you enough reason to consider toking it once, and from thereon, you're definitely going to love this little delicacy. 

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