Don't be misled by the name; Green Crack strain is a 100% natural reefer that reminds you of mangoes, earth, and leaves you with a lingering taste. 

Previously known as Green Cush, the recent name was gifted by Snoop Dogg who found this strain to be really powerful and pleasant. 

Trust me; when you try this one, you will agree with Snoop Dogg. 

The award-winning strain keeps you so concentrated and hooked on whatever task you're trying to complete, that time seems like a fleeting object. By the time the strain wears out, you won't believe the clock hands. 

The origin of this beautiful strain is disputed, though it is very widely linked to Athens, GA. With a whopping 16-24% THC, this strain brings with itself bouts of productivity, creativity, and a cerebral high. You can get the same strain with its Indica dominant counterpart, but the Sativa one is more generally celebrated and acclaimed among cannabis connoisseurs.

Here, we will be discussing the original Sativa-dominant Green Crack strain for all those who wish to explore this green magic.


Overview - Green Crack Strain

The effect is simple - you get a mind high, which leaves you doing the leftover dishes or cleaning your house, and it makes all these tasks interesting. With the very attractive effects, it also brings a very fruity, tangy, and earthy aroma, along with a taste that is reminiscent of the king of the fruits, Mango. 

We will be seeing this in detail but if you're here for a quick view, have a look at the table below. 

Origin and Genetic - Green Crack Strain

Like I have mentioned, Green Crack has a disputed origin. It is usually found in Pacific Northwester, California, Arizona, and Colorado, though it is fairly easy to cultivate(indoors and outdoors) and can be grown anywhere. We don't know where this exhilarating strain comes from, but we are definitely thankful for its existence. 

Coming to the genetics of Green Crack strain, we don't have much clarity here also. Looks like this was just God sent! ;)

It is a hybrid of a Sativa dominant strain and an Indica-dominant strain, though it picked more from its Sativa parent than the other one. The Sativa-dominant strain is from the 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club and is known as Skunk #1. The other parent strain is generally believed to be an Afghani strain which bare itself in many of the characteristics.

Green Crack Strain - Appearance & Growth

green crack

Green Crack is known to be inclined towards Sativa; however, its appearance is more linked to an Indica strain with closely packed buds with dense structure. The buds are mostly green with a yellowish tinge and have a hint of purple when grown in cold regions. The pistils have an elegant rusty colour, with hints of orange and red.

The most attractive part of the Green Crack strain is that it's covered with milky white trichomes which makes its ultra-sticky and gleaming - almost like a diamond ring. You will be swooning with awe when you look at this beauty. 

Green Crack is deemed to be fairly easy to cultivate and become an easy choice as a novice breeder. You can grow them indoors and outdoors, though you will have to remember that it needs 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit along with stable sunlight. It reaches maturity between 7-8 weeks and you will be seeing a 304 feet tall plant with lateral branching. It yields a solid 41 to 46 grams (or about 1.4 to 1.6 ounces) per square footage of plant. 

Green Crack Strain - Aroma

Green Crack strain has many attractive properties but its invigorating and overpowering fragrance remains my #1. There is something so arousing in aromatic buds that you just have the want to smoke it away. Green Crack has the effect of that kind on you. And this is when we are not talking about the taste. 

The pleasant and distinct aroma reminds you of the flawless nuance of the earth, citrus fruits, pine trees, and mellow undertones of the wood. It has a peculiar fragrance that reminds people of raw mango or papaya, while others say it has a hint of pine and fresh grass. 

Green Crack Strain - Taste

snoop dog

The taste, my GOD, the taste is notoriously obsessive and that where its prolific reputation stems from. It takes your taste buds to vacation among the land of fruits and citrus.

When you first inhale it, it tastes fruity, almost like taking a bite of raw mango. You will feel a tang of the upper palate and the back of your tongue which will make you crave it more. It has a delightful array of tastes, ranging from sweet to earthy, and then tangy. 

When you exhale the smoke, you will have hints of hashy and spicy flavour which is evident in the Afghani lineage of the strain.

Once you take a hit from this quintessentially balanced reefer, you will be craving for another and another. 

Green Crack Strain - The Effect

It has an invigorating mental buzz which makes even the mundane everyday work interesting and you do it so effortlessly. Trust me, you'd be clearing those dishes in no time. 

Most people associate the high as energizing, happy, uplifted, and euphoric. It's safe to say that this wake n bake strain is perfect when you have close deadlines or want to switch on that creativity button. Especially celebrated among musicians, writers, artists, and people who have a creative job, Green crack strain opens the door to concentration, a dimension of creativity and of course, long hours of productivity. 

It's trippy energetic high made it win the Best Sativa at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015 and Snoop Dogg's heart. The 16% THC works well to give you a nice daytime strain. Avoid using it at night as the uplifted and euphoric hours might make it hard to hit the bed, especially when you have commitments in the morning. 

The most attractive and essential part of the high is that when it wears off, it happens so gradually that you will be left bewildered or in a haphazard place. 

Just be cautious not to smoke large doses as it can induce paranoia.

Green Crack Strain - Side Effects

Green Crack strain does not have any serious side-effects that you should be aware of. In fact, its side effects are milder than any other potent strains. 

You may experience dry eyes and mouth which is quite frequently associated with the use of cannabis, irrespective of the strain. I would suggest drinking water before, during, and after consumption to prevent dehydration. As for the dry eyes, you can get an eye drop from a local pharmacy and keep it close during your session. 

As I have already mentioned, do not overdose on this beauty, no matter how much it feels like you can take it. Stay on the measured path, always!

This was all about the Green Crack strain which has gifted us with productivity & creativity. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to hit me in the comment below.

Till then, toke it your way with Olivastu!