The most interesting and mind-blowing aspect of the cannabis world is that it doesn't cease to amaze us. From simply a green bud to the world of concentrates to the recent discovery of delicious edibles, marijuana offers so much more than just smoking. I mean, don't get me wrong, the aesthetics of whirling smoke and the dwindling senses is tempting, but there are so many ways to go about it that I find it absurd that we should restrict ourselves to broken buds. 

My curiosity has gotten the better of me before, but when it comes to weed, I have discovered a potent path that many people tend to ignore, even when it is glaringly obvious. If you're scratching your head, wondering what it could be, let me introduce you to the intriguing by-product of cannabis, known as Kief. Before you start asking me what is Kief, let me explain it to you better. 

Pronounced as 'Keef', it is derived from the Arabic word 'Kif' which rightly translates to pleasure or intoxication. You don't need a bundle of cash or any special machine to acquire this extremely potent product. Just your favourite strain that sets you straight on the high path, and you're good to go. 

Still confused? 

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What is Kief?

For all the Chief Keef fans, we are not discussing the American artist, though the name is very similar. But we are talking about the beige powdery substance that is the lovely by-product of Marijuana. 

If you've ever had a good look in your grinders after shredding a batch of sticky, stubborn buds, you would see an accumulation of powdery substance at the bottom. Well, here's you Kief, Chief!

Kief is referred to the collection of luminous resin trichomes on the leaves and buds of any cannabis plant. Trichomes are produced by the glandular resin sac that is present in every plant. They arrive at a later stage of the growing period and appear as tiny, bulbous glands on the surface of the leaves and buds. These can be removed from the plant, hence the Kief Collecting process, which I will be talking about later. Keep Reading ON!

Anyway, Kief, as a part of the cannabis plant contains cannabinoids including the very desired, THC and CBD. They also contain terpenes like limonene or myrcene which are responsible for that oozing, tempting aroma that pulls you towards your stash of weed. I am pretty sure you get it - Kief is like weed, but just in a powdery form, right? Nope.

What is Kief

Kief is categorized as concentrates because of their potency. It is known to contain 50% more cannabinoids and terpene than what is found in the strains. That's some really good stuff!

And you don't have to go through an extraneous process to achieve the end result; a simple grinder might do the job. In fact, Kief is used as a major ingredient for the production of high-quality hashish, dabs, and many other forms of concentrates. 

You get the potency with Kief, the simplicity too, and a high that is slightly lower than shatter or wax; a perfect win!

Now that you know that the tan-coloured collection at the bottom of your grinder is not waste material, but a cannabis product, it is time to appreciate it. But there are several methods of collecting Kief, ranging from a simple screen to a freezing technique. And once you master them, you would never look for a bottle of Kief in dispensaries to achieve the phenomenal high!

Now that you understand what is kief, let's look at the various methods of Kief Collection.

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The Various Methods of Kief Collection

Moving on from the enquiries of what is Kief to How to collect them, let's have a look at the Kief Collection methods. 

1. Grind it away!

This is the most popular and easy way to collect the potent substance that lines your strain. Go for a three or four-piece grinder that specifically mentions that they have a 'kief catcher' or a screening bottom chamber. This allows the powdery by-product to collect effectively in the bottom chamber from whereon you can easily sprinkle on your joints or bowls for a dope sesh!

There is no need to go for expensive or high brands grinder that will empty your pocket. A simple grinder works well for this process. You can check out the Olivastu Grinder that I have been using for a while, and they seem to be giving no trouble. 

high brands grinder

So the process is simple, you shred your herbs like regular, but the screening compartment allows the kief to fall into another compartment, making it easily accessible. Another trick employed by stoners and Kief-lovers all over the world is the 'coin method'. 

In this, you simply place a coin in the middle chamber of the grinder. The addition of the coin allows the trichomes to separate from the flowers easily and with the increased agitation process, you get a larger amount Kief than you would. Just remember, never shake the grinder up and down as it might transfer the Kief towards the buds. If you have to shake, do it from left to right or vice-versa. And of course, Wash the coin!

Before we move forward with other methods of Kief Collection, let me give you a few tips to have a successful collection of Kief. 

Firstly, you have to remember that Kief are resinous glands and any pressure more than what they can bear will lead to bursting them, leaving a sticky residue behind. You need to handle them with care. Use a spatula (provided) to take out the Kief, or simply a paintbrush or razor will also do the job. 

The second thing that you need to keep in mind is the heat. The oil from the Kief oozes out at high temperatures, so if you're working in a packed, heated room, try to first freeze or refrigerate the grinder for a few minutes before trying to remove the substance. 

2. Pollen Boxes

Pollen Boxes are another simple and efficient way to move forward with Kief Collection. They are not as easy as just twisting a herb grinder and finding the goodness in a chamber, but it is still a simple method if you're looking for an alternative. 

Pollen Boxes also work in a similar manner to the grinder method. You put all your fresh buds on top and then shake the box. This allows the trichomes and the beautiful Kief to sift through the filter, and into the bottom tray. This is perfect for someone who doesn't want to shred their buds but still wants to catch the Kief.

Once you're done shaking the Kief Catcher Boxes, simply open and enjoy the goodness, filtered and ready to be smoked. The best part about pollen boxes is that they keep your Kief nicely contained, and any clumsiness won't lead to the loss of product. 

It's not a very ideal method for large batches, but if you're just doing it for yourself, it might work well. 

3. Silk Screens

Silk Screen is another way to collect Kief and is ideal for a medium-sized batch. You can easily procure it from the local art shop or head-shop and is pretty similar to the ones the t-shirt printing press uses. For an ideal screening process, go for the screens between 80 and 270 LPI (lines per inch). 

Silk Screens

Remember to keep a container below the screen to catch your potent substance. Simply run your cannabis on the top of your screen gently or use an old gift card, credit card, etc. This will separate the Kief without much effort, but just remember to be very light-handed as the screen can break the stem. 

4. Hashish Drums

A very ancient way to collect Kief, Hashish Drum is perfect for stoners who like to get creative and have a little spare time in hand. 

To create a Hashish Drum, you would need a silkscreen and a drum basin (or plastic bucket - a cheaper alternative). Simply stretch the screen over the entire drum basin and cover it with your favourite herbs. Next, a tarp is placed over it with a rubber band or rope, keeping the plant material between the screen and trap.

This is then beaten with sticks, making the kief fall through the silkscreen. Perfect for the large batches!

We know what is Kief and how to collect it, but what to do once you have collected it?

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What to do with the Kief?

You can easily educate your homies on what is Kief and the collection methods are, but what if someone asks you how to smoke these beautiful, potent substances? 

Let me give you the answer.

1. Crown a Bowl

Crown a Bowl

Don't literally get your crowns out, ladies and gentlemen but crowning a bowl could highly enhance and intensify your high. Simply get your potent Kief and sprinkle on top of your bowl. 

A generous dusting on your bowl and you could be opening up new realms of dimensions and potency not known before. But remember to corner your hits to get the most out of a crowned bowl that is done by burning a quadrant of the bowl at a time. 

2. Make a Masterpiece

When it comes to stoners, there is absolutely no lack of creativity. Kief might just feel like a powdery substance but can greatly enhance your rolling and toking experience with nothing but a generous sprinkle. Once you pepper your shredded herbs with Kief, the potency of both the flowers and trichomes blend well together to give you an out-of-the-world experience (quite literally, no shit!). 

shredded herbs with Kief

If you're not very keen on messing with the insides of your joint, you can always make a Twax Joint. Don't worry, I am going to explain. 

For those who want the ultimate level of experience, you can coat a generous amount of Kief on the outside. To do so, you can either lick the outside or simply coat it with wax, and then sprinkle or roll it in a generous amount of Kief. And there you have it, a "twaxed joint". 

Get ready for some serious kicks!

3. Moon Rocks

Let's face it, if there is anything better than a twaxed joint and a crowned bowl, it is the world of Moonrocks. The potency here blows through the roof, and you wake up the next day wondering why you can't feel your fingers. 

Moon Rocks are basically high-quality nugs coated in oil and then rolled in Kief. The sticky bomb boasts of having around 50% THC, which is enormous compared to even the most potent marijuana strain that has approximately 23-28% THC.

If you're keen on knowing more about MoonRocks, I have written a guide on it. Check it out below!

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4. Press Rosin

Your batch of Kief can be turned into Rosin without any heavy equipment, solvents, or extraction procedure. Pretty dope, isn't it? 

Let me explain. 

Press Rosin

You would simply need a potent batch of Kief, an iron (or any other heating equipment like hair straightener), and a parchment paper. Place the Kief in the parchment paper and fold the paper to contain it. Press it using your heating equipment for some time until you see a brown ooze on the paper. You can use this sticky residue in your bong bowl or dab it with your favourite rig.

Commercially, the process is carried out by high-pressure presses. 

5. Cook it!

When it comes to the world of edibles, you can be as creative and expansive as you want to be. If you are already an edibles fan, you would know canna-butter is an essential ingredient that can be added to anything from baking to sauteing vegetables to many more innovative dishes. You can find the recipe here

To add a little extra oomph to the cannabutter, make sure to decarboxylate your weed and mix your batch of Kief along with the flower. A simple addition but does so much!

Till now, we covered what is kief, its collection method, and how to consume it. This brings us to the end of our guide on Kief, the potent powdery substance that can change your smoking sesh!

Hope you found this article helpful. For more such informative blogs, keep watching this space or follow us on Facebook & Instagram. 

Till then, toke it your way!