Cannabis, once a shunned word, is now finally showing its true potential with its varied form of types and effects. With the recent legalization and research, the world is opening up to the true potential of cannabis, whether it is recreational or medical.

Today, we are talking about one of the ancient types of cannabis; what is Hash and its types and uses. 

Hash or Hashish is not a new form of cannabis but is known as the forefather of all cannabis concentrates. When you imagine ancient people sitting around the fire, this is probably what they were smoking. Before you let your imagination run wild, let's take an in-depth look at Hashish.

What is Hash? 

You already know that hash has stuck around for centuries and its unwavering popularity is owed to its varied nature and potency. But where does it come from?

Hash comes from trichomes, the resinous gland present on the surface of the cannabis plant. These trichomes are separated in many different ways and then heat and pressure are used to turn them into a solid or liquid consistency. 

With the rapid legalization and acceptance of cannabis, we have seen more efficient and new methods of extracting trichomes and converting them into hash. 

Looking at the origin, the word Hashish came from the Arabic language that translates into "grass". Even though people believe hash came to be known around AD 900, many people argue that it existed before any documentation. 

Hashish expanded into the western world when the Europeans explored Africa and found this gem. Since then, particularly in the 19th century, we saw hash being imported to the western world for medical research. But once the US prohibited the sale and use of cannabis, hashish was outlawed from western medicine and remained in obscurity for years, until recently. 

How Much THC Does Hash Have?

Now we know what is hash, but let's have a look at the bigger question - it's THC content. Mostly used for recreational purposes, users are mostly impressed by its THC level. 

Not only that, but hash also has a better psychoactive effect as it is cannabis extract and holds more cannabinoids and terpenes than a cannabis flower. These compounds are responsible for the enticing aroma and the flavour of cannabis. You not only get a higher potency but also better fragrance and taste.

If you're especially concerned about the THC level, it ranges between 20-50% depending upon the strain, maker, method, and expertise. But if you look at bubble hash, it can have a whopping 60% THC, which is more than three times what you would get in the most potent flower/nug. 

You know what is hash and its THC level, so let's move on to the main question- how is it used/consumed?

How to use Hash?


Hash has multiple ways of consumption, right from smoking to edibles to even vaping. Let's have a look at the many ways of consuming Hashish.

Hash Edibles

Cannabis edible is not a new thing. From hash brownies to cannabis tea, the edible market is largely expanding as people demand more types of cannabis consumption. This was probably the most ancient type of consumption since hash has been used for many centuries, long before the invention of bongs and pipes. 

You can consume hash directly by swallowing, though it may be unpleasant for some people. Or like any other cannabis edible, you can use it as an ingredient in your favourite snack, smoothies, candies like gummy bear, etc. The number of edibles you can make with cannabis is truly endless. 

Just remember that while consuming hash with an edible or raw, it becomes 4-5 times more psychoactive than it would be through smoking. Additionally, it will also take some time to showcase the effect, around 0.5-2 hours, so go easy on the edibles. This is attributed to the fact that while consuming edibles, our liver plays a role in processing and breaking down the THC. This delays the impact but gives a more powerful after-effect. 

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Smoking Hash

  • Rolling a Joint


Rolling is one of the most popular forms of consuming cannabis, or even tobacco. There is some great energy in rolling your cigarette. So how do you do it with hash? 

As explained in what is hash section, we already know that it can be present in any consistency. Here are some tips to roll with hash. 

Firstly, if the has is in solid form, mostly in hard brick, you can break off an appropriate amount for your joint, and place it on a spoon or any metal that can sustain heat. Using a lighter, stove, or a simple candle, gently apply heat beneath the metal so the hash becomes softer. Once it is more manageable, crumble it with your hand. Make sure it is not burning hot. 

At this point, you have your crumbled hash, your dried flowers, and the desire to smoke. Roll em' all up together, by sprinkling the hash on the dried flowers. That is some good stuff you got there!

In case the combination of marijuana and hash is too much for you, you can use tobacco and hash, and have a good smoke. 

I have friends who go to the extreme mode and mix all three; tobacco, dried flower, and hash. You can try the super spliff you're feeling, but I personally cannot take it. 

Now coming to the liquid consistency, where the hash is almost paste-like, how do you smoke it? 

We do the most creative thing and use the paste-like texture to coat the outside of the rolled-joint, almost like it was dipped in the paste. You can fill the joint with raw cannabis, or tobacco, or even both. 

Whatever works for you!

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  • Smoking with a bong/pipe

Everybody loves a good old bong or pipe, so why should we not use them with hashish? Let's have a look at how we can do it. 

If you use mesh screens or any other type of filter with the bong/pipe, you can simply load the hash in the bowl, light it, and inhale it. In case you don't have a screen, you will have to use a nug of cannabis along with the hash, to keep the smoke as smooth and clean as possible. The trick here is to light a small portion as you inhale, as lighting them all can lead to wastage and you will not be able to smoke the cannabis completely. 

In addition, if you don't like using a solid or concentrated hash, you can use the same method as we did for the joints, and heat the solid brick to break it apart. Once the texture is soft and malleable, sprinkle it on the bowl, whether with the dried flowers or simply on its own. And Voila, there's your hash bong/pipe.

Vaping Hash

You know what is hash and it's various ways of smoking, but did you know you could also vape it?

Vaping hash entails more work than you would do with a normal dry herb or concentrate. Even though hashish is known as a concentrated version of cannabis, it is advised to use a dry herb vaporizer for this one, preferably the DynaVap "M" 2020 Version. We do not use wax or concentrate vape pens because they are designed for refined concentrates. On the other hand, hash is a mildly refined concentrate and can clog up the wax/concentrate pen with gunk. 

Now the next step is to prepare your hash. You can use a fully melted hash like the bubble hash, or a solid one. If the solid texture is too strong to break, heat it a little to make it crumble and convert into a softer consistency. Use a small quantity because we have one more guest that will enter the herb chamber with the hashish, i.e, degummed hemp fibre. 

The biggest challenge while vaping hash is the clogging up. But there is a natural solution to this - degummed hemp fibre. You just add it anywhere in the vape pen that will come in contact with the melted hash. You can even put it in the herb chamber and even on top of the hash. 

This brings us to the end of my explanation of what is hash and how it is used. I hope this was helpful and informative. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. 

Till then, keep toking with Olivastu.