So you've just recently bought a Pax 2 vape, and you're excited about building and doing better modifications with different set-ups. Google is your best friend, and you're at the right place! You've probably done thorough research on the internet and have listened to famous smoke-head celebrities giving out free vaping tips on their social media handles. Now that you've levelled up as experienced vapers, it's time to do some massive fixes and modifications with your PAX2 vape to experience smoother and heavy hits in every drag. 

Pax2 is deemed as the pioneer in the weed vape industry. Pax2 vapes are customizable and have a simple design, making them perfect for your vape collection. Whether you want to customize your vape's look and feel or want to enhance its performance, there is a wide range of Pax2 accessories worth trying. 

Here's our list of best Pax 2 accessories 

1. Pax WPA

 Pax WPA

If you're looking for a single accessory to purchase, start from Pax WPA. This little guy will improve the experience and taste of the PAX when it gets hooked up to a bong. The best PAX WPA is available at Olivastu and Puffitup.

2. Vented Oven Lid

Vented Oven Lid

There are a handful of Pax2 accessories that dramatically enhances the performance of your vape. Vented Oven Lid is on the top of that list. The vented oven lids will do the trick if you don't like heavy resistance when vaping. 

3. Pax Press

 Pax Press

This little guy is new in the market; It's a killer Pax3 and Pax2 accessories because it changes how you carry and packs your weed for Pax vaporizer. Pax Press truly serves its purpose in compressing your flower into a perfect oven-shaped puck that can quickly be dropped into the pax. Just vape away! 

4. Bud Cups 

 Bud Cups

Bud Cups are refillable pods that come with solid construction. The pods are made from premium stainless steel, come in a pack of 3 and can be reused many times. They reduce the initial heat and reduce vapour production slightly. Bud Cups will work better with concentrates than the Pax 3.

5. Pax loading funnel 

pax loading funnel

Pax loading funnel has become an essential tool for every smoking ritual. It fits right into the base when you remove the oven lid and ensure that your material doesn't go anywhere other than the intended destination. 

6. Pax Charging Dock 

Pax Charging Dock

The Pax 2 charger is a simple magnetic doc that perfectly holds the vape parallel to the charging pad with a velcro strap.


How To use:

  • Install charger into the slot with Micro-USB facing upwards
  • Slide Pax2 into the dock with the mouthpiece facing up.
  • Tightly wrap velcro strap around device and port.  


7. Pax pusher 

 Pax pusher

The pax pusher is precisely designed to reduce the bowl size of pax vapes. It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and is used to compact the weed and keep them at the bottom of the chamber so they don't move inside the room. The pax pusher comes with a threaded rod, making the Pax pusher extremely adjustable. 

8.  Smell proof bag 

Smell proof bag

The smell-proof bag will completely seal the smell of your pax2 vaporizers. The smell-proof bags come in discreet colours and sizes and will get the job done in preventing the aroma of your herb from covering your car or room.

9.  Get a grinder 


Bring home your perfect grinding partner. Get the heavy-duty metal grinder to grind even the big chunks of herbs into a fine powder. Finely ground herbs take more surface area. More surface area leads to efficient and effective vaporization. The sharp teeth inside the grinder are razor-like teeth that can help you grind herbs without much effort. 

Closing thoughts 

Phew! That was a long-bloody list that we compiled. Well, a pothead in need is a pothead indeed. Spread the word around and stay tuned for more. We hope that you have a perfect list of fixes and modifications that you can do in the pax 2 vape. Till then, stay safe and remember, a puff a day keeps the debauched attitude away!