Smoking Shisha is an exceptional experience. The sound of the bubbling water with smouldering coals reigniting with your deep drags, reminiscent of the red sun on the horizon. The huge clouds exhaled after each rip, savouring your taste buds with a slight flavour of maybe an apple or a pineapple. These experiences are known to the connoisseur of the smoking world, and novices are tempted to experience them. But setting up a Hookah is somewhat complicated because of the sequential steps to get that perfect hit. 

This article is a guide for novices who have avoided hookah because of the hassle that entails this exquisite sensation. Here, we shall start with the fundamentals of hookah, following which we will explore in-depth the intricacies of using a hookah.

What is Hookah?

A hookah, also known as shisha or a waterpipe, is primarily a glass-based smoking instrument which uses water to filter out the particles and contaminants from the smoke. This instrument's versatility makes it perfect for premium smoking sensations. The smokers can use tobacco, hookah flavour, cannabis or hashish with the hookah. You will definitely get a premium high smoking weed in hookah because of the large smoke volume you will inhale. And you can get a hookah in different designs and several materials types from any headshop.  

How to use a hookah (with aluminium foil):

Step 1: Clean Your Hookah

cleaning hookah

As the hookah works on the principle of filtering out contaminants and particles, they need frequent cleaning because each hookah session can last upto an hour or two. So before setting up your hookah, make sure that it is clean. Detach all the components and clean them thoroughly with water. Once the hookah is clean, we can begin the next step.

Step 2: Re-assemble all the Hookah parts

Hookah parts

Now we start with re-assembling the foundation. Ensure that all the parts fit together neatly and are airtight. Otherwise, you will probably ruin your smoking sensation. Now, fill the water base up to 1 inch above the stem ( metal stray used for transferring the smoke). This will ensure that the smoking process is smooth and the hits are more potent. Bonus pointer: you can also add ice into the water-base for a cool temp smoking session.

Now connect the hoses to the foundation and ascertain that these connections are airtight. Most importantly, double-check the water levels because it might damage them if the water is too close to the hose. To simply put it, keep enough space between the hose hole and the water level. 

Now begins the pre-testing, examining the airflow of the hookah. Stick your palm on top of the stem and inhale through the hose. If all the connections are perfect, you won't be able to inhale through it. If not, try reconnecting the assembly, considering that everything should be airtight.

Once you have ensured that there isn't any leakage, place the metal tray on the shaft to catch the hot embers and extra tobacco.

Step 3: Ready your Hookah 


Now we have to place the shisha (tobacco soaked in liquid which gives away the flavour) evenly after a soft stir in the bowl. Ensure that you stuff the shisha without compressing it tightly, allowing the air to pass through it smoothly. For first-time hookah smokers, we recommend using flavours that come in various tastes because any error with tobacco may leave you with a bad tasting experience. Trying out new flavours will also be an exciting experience for your hookah journey.

Now that you have stuffed the bowl, wrap it up with a heavy-duty aluminium foil and secure it by crimping the edges. You can also apply charcoal screens available in the market if you find working with the foils difficult. 

After placing the shisha bowl on the shaft, poke at least 12-15 holes in the foil with a toothpick and ensure that the fitting is airtight. If the airflow is still not to your liking, increase the number of holes on the foil.

Step 4: Light your Shisha


We have come to the final phase- now you have to place 2-3 lit coals on top of the foils and set them aside, evenly circling the outer rim of the foil. Remember not to put the coals in the middle of the foil. This will scorch the shisha and produce a harsh, short-lived smoke. After placing the coal over the bowl, wait for at least 3-5 minutes so that the shisha warms up. The wait will allow you to have a smooth drag with an enhanced flavour.

Finally, inhale a few quick puffs that will ignite the tobacco and then you can start inhaling the hookah smoke just like you smoke a cigarette and consequently, have one of the most elite smoking experiences of your life.

Smoking hookah is one of the best experiences globally, but it is also necessary that you have good quality equipment and hookah accessories with you. You can get all your hookah accessories from olivastu, with express doorstep delivery and be ensured that we guarantee 100% authenticity on all our products.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

 1.  Does smoking hookah make you poop?

Answer:  Shisha used in the hookah has nicotine, and since nicotine is a natural laxative, it helps with bowel movement.

2. Can you smoke hookah after an abortion?

Answer:  You should refrain from smoking hookah for at least two weeks after abortion. Smoking Hookah right after abortion is not recommendable because the body needs healing during this time, and smoking could slow down the process.

3.  Can you smoke hookah on your period?

Answer:  Yes, you can smoke while having your periods.