No matter how long we have been smoking, some of us might still make vaping mistakes. 

Correcting these mistakes don't necessarily mean that you need to go through the dissatisfaction, disturbance and investing a greater amount of your energy and hard-earned money in a vaping device.

Let's learn more about e-cigarettes and vape devices before moving on the vaping mistakes. 

What is Vaping?

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Vaping is the inhaling of smoke made by an electronic cigarette or another vaping gadget. E-cigarettes are battery-operated smoking gadgets. They have cartridges loaded up with a fluid that generally contains nicotine, flavourings, and synthetic compounds. The fluid is warmed into a fume, which the individual breathes in. That is the reason why e-cigarettes are designated as "vaping."

Vape has also evolutionized into gadgets that allow you to smoke dry herbs and sticky concentrates. From a discreet, portable vape to desktop vaporizers, the list of options available today are endless.

It's very easy to make vaping mistakes as a beginner. Therefore, with the help of this article, let’s find out ways to avoid vaping mistakes.

The 6 Vaping Mistakes to Avoid

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As a novice, it is possible that you’re extremely confused about vaporizers or simply too new to the field to understand and acquire cloud mastery. My first piece of advice would be to pick the correct substance to vape with. You can find many e-liquids on Olivastu, and can pick your choice of herb or concentrate from head shops anywhere. 

In case you're changing from cigarette smoking to vaping, you may wind up getting appalled by similar mix-ups. Let's discuss a few known vaping mistakes that most amateur vapers regularly do.

Buying a Wrong Vape

One of the most serious issues new vapers make when they begin vaping is purchasing the wrong vaping device. A lot of brands manufacture expensive devices that are not ideal for beginners.

When starting to vape, most vapours require devices that are easy to use and have a draw similar to a cigarette. This way it will hit right on your throat, but neither too harsh nor too mild.. For beginners, using a small and compact vape with an automatic draw works fine.

Another way to fix a wrong vape is to upgrade it by changing the coil.

Getting Too Technical

Starting from the first: You get an e-cig, you love it and it works and you are happy vaping it. However, you see a workmate with a bigger/better/shinier vape pack and you want that one as well. Just this one vapes your favourite e-fluid, however, it likewise converses with your smartphone, produces obscene measures of vapour and can be used as a radar detector. Just kidding! 

It is important to understand how your device works, otherwise, you are in for a baffling vaping experience. Refresh your memory regarding ohm's law, (or learn it properly this time around!). You will save yourself dry hits.

Dry Hits

Wondering why dry hits happen? Dry coils and not wicking properly. Either the wattage isn't right, or there isn't enough e-liquid in the wick. 

This burns the coil, giving a foul taste and demolishes your vape. Continuously know the ohms/wattage/coil resistance that your vape requires. Some unacceptable wattage will burn it down. Ensure to feed the coil with sufficient e-liquid. Also, let it soak and absorb before you begin vaping.

Using Wrong E-Liquid

Inadequate nicotine is not fun. Understand the nicotine strength guide to help you learn which strength e-liquid is best for you. 

New to vaping? We normally advise a 20 per day smoker to begin around 1.8% e-liquid, as you may need the higher strengths of nicotine to begin with. When you smoke tobacco, the nicotine is very quickly absorbed into your circulatory system. It takes longer with vaping.

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Using Incorrect Vape Charger

E-cigs are an electronic device and utilizing some unacceptable charging equipment is requesting trouble. Practically all cases of charging issues you see in the news are because of user error, someone utilizing a charger not designed for e-cigs. 

Continuously use the charger that came with the device, and read the guidelines. Additionally remember to kill your device before you put it in your pocket/tote and DON'T convey removable batteries with loose change or keys!

Vaping Like a Smoker

Vaping is completely different from smoking a tobacco cigarette. When vaping you don't inhale as hard. Some like to inhale into their mouth first, this gives them a hit of flavour, and afterwards, they inhale into their lungs. Others inhale straight into their lungs. 

Vaping needs a different technique, and those initial few puffs can put people off because they feel that vaping is smoking. It isn't. 

Remember, if the chance that you are as yet striving, comment below and we would be more than happy to help you avoid these vaping mistakes. 

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Let's Do Some FAQs

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There are a lot of questions that arise in a beginner's mind. Here are some answers:

How Do E-cigarettes Work? 

There are different sorts of e-cigarettes. This e-cigarette resembles a glimmer drive and can be charged in a PC's USB port. It makes less smoke than other e-cigarettes, so people use them to vape.

What might be said about E-cigarettes That Don't Have Nicotine? 

Most e-cigarettes do have nicotine. Even e-cigarettes that don't have nicotine have chemicals in them. These chemicals can irritate and damage the lungs. The drawn-out effects of e-cigarettes that don't have nicotine are not known.

When was vaping started?

Vaping device came into existence in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. After his father passed away due to lung cancer, he created the device because his father was desperate to quit smoking.

The Bottom Line

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Even though initially created to help existing smokers quit, enticing flavours like mango, mint and tutti frutti have attracted youngsters and non-smokers. Vaping's fame has increased tremendously in comparison to smoking cigarettes among people; especially youngsters!

Even though you have been vaping for a long time, you might be doing it wrong. Make sure you avoid making the vaping mistakes mentioned above. If you aren't satisfied with vaping, you are doing it wrong!