Never used a bong before? Don’t worry. There’s always a first time for everything. We’ll tell you some quick and super easy hacks to become a pro at the ‘dude, I know this shiz’ game. 

Just look at this piece intently. Become buddies with the kickass accessory we call bong and take a trip to the stoners’ paradise.  

Before moving on, let’s first understand what a bong really is? 

A bong is a water pipe that cools the smoke we inhale while smoking a substance. It is a bubbler, binger or a flower pipe that promises a perfect high. It gives a smooth, healthy and happy smoking experience and whoa that sounds like music to the ears.

Fun Fact:

The soothing taste smokers experience comes from the water a bong uses. Thanks to the water that cools and filters the smoke to give you a smooth, flavourful taste. 

The science behind this calming puff is simple. When you inhale smoke, you pull it through a chamber filled with water. This water cools the hot smoke, making it gentle on your lungs. 

Now, let’s come back to the real hero, a bong that suits your element. Bongs are readily available at Olivastu and are easy to use.

You’d be surprised to know that most bongs may look complicated, but they all have the same function. So, don’t get hassled if you step into a store and see varied shapes, sizes and colours of bongs. Remember, all bongs are your smoke buddies. 

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We know that using a bong makes smoking clean, smooth & healthy but best friends aren’t close enough till you know them well.

So, before learning about how to use a bong, it’s essential to know your bong well. We can’t afford to skip this step. So, let’s dive deeper and familiarise ourselves with the several parts of a bong. 


This is the last stop before the smoke reaches its final destination, your lungs. You place your mouth at this opening of the tube. When you place your mouth on the tube to inhale, your lips should be inside the hole. Remember, the outside of your lips should appear to create an airtight seal. 

 how to clean a bong


The chamber accumulates the smoke for inhalation. Smoking involves two steps. First, you fill the chamber with smoke and then inhale it as if clearing the chamber.  


While studying how to use a bong, it’s essential to know that the bowl is your star. It holds the smoking material and is often called a slide. It is called a slide because you can remove it from the downstem right before the much-awaited inhale.  

how to pack a bowl

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It is a tube, slightly smaller than a usual one, that connects the water present in the bong to the slide. So, the smoke first travels through the downstem and then goes into the water in the bong. You may also find a glass tube instead of a downstem in some bongs. The glass tube leads to the chamber.  

bong downsteam


It is a hole on one side of the bong slightly above the water level. So the trick is that you keep the carb covered till the slide is lit. Once you’re ready to inhale the smoke, just uncover the carb. 



 Do you love your flower herb but can’t think of the best ways to use it? Are you tired of reading already? If yes, then do the shimmy-shimmy honey because it’s finally time to learn how to use a bong.

how does a bong work

Now, follow the simple steps below to prepare your bong and enjoy a fabulous herbal session. 

Hydrate That Bong Well

First and foremost, fill your bong with water. Make sure there’s only enough water to cover the downstem. Remember, the holes in the downstem should be submerged in water. 

The water temperature isn’t something we’re worried about. It’s a matter of personal choice. So go ahead and experience the puff in any water temperature, warm, cold or room temperature. 

Simply ensure that the water level is an inch above the downstem so that it doesn’t spill out of the carb.

Were you worried about how to use a bong? If so, we hope we’ve answered your question. 

Pro tip:

Don’t settle for the belief that more water means a better smoke experience. It just means the extra effort of your lungs to pull that air through the water. So, spare your lungs the extra effort and add the right amount of water to your bong.   

For the ‘just-right’ type of sessions, take a hit from the bong before the party begins.  

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Next Up, Fill That Percolator With Water

Perc is a small addition in the neck, or may we say, an extra water chamber that filters the smoke. 

Primarily found in the bong’s tube, percolators can take different shapes in accordance with the glassblower. So, don’t be surprised if you see these percs branch out like trees or circular disks. 

No matter the shape or size, perc cools down the smoke and makes for a delightful smoking experience. The ground rule, fill the perc with water only to cover air holes if any. 

Pro tip: Fill the perc through the mouthpiece, not through the downstem.

percolator bong

Cool Down The Smoke With Ice

Ice cools down the smoke, so we’d suggest you consider adding it to your bong. Put some cubes in the water so that it cools down. This cool smoke is easier to inhale.

However, skip the step if you like to inhale the steam that’ll add moisture to your lungs. 

Pro tip: In this step, remember to remove the downstem before adding ice, or else the ice may break your downstem on the way down.

ice bong

Grind The Flower And Pack It Well

You can use a grinder, scissors or even your fingers. Break slightly larger pieces, approx. 0.2 inches big to add to the bong bowl. 

why do you need to grind your weed

For those using a grinder, simply open the lid and add a few buds of flower between the teeth of the grinder. Then close the lid and gently twist it. 

Take large pieces of herb, the ones you’d kept aside & place them in the bowl. The finely ground cannabis won’t get sucked up through the bowl when you smoke. Add this ground cannabis above the layer made from large pieces of flower in the bowl. Surprise, your 'erb' is ready to give you that perfect session.    

Pro tip:

For air to flow through, don’t press the flower. It won’t let air pass through if you pack it too tightly.

The process behind your question about how to use a bong is simple? Get your hands on a lighter once you’ve followed the above mentioned steps. 

Bring your lighter close to the bowl and fire up the herb inside. Then inhale the smoke slowly to bring it into the chamber. 

Next, take the lighter away when you’re satisfied with the amount of smoke, pull the bowl out & enjoy the smoke collected in the chamber. 

Inhale the smoke, hold it in your lungs and then exhale it. Place the bowl back in the stem and repeat the process for another hit. Simple, isn’t it?

One piece of advice for you, be quick to contact us at Olivastu if you need any smoking accessories. We’ll ensure your smoking experience becomes a memorable one.   

how often should you change your bong water

If you’re wondering how to use a small water bong, remember it works almost the same way as a traditional bong. Simply cover the side hole to control airflow and fill smoke in the chamber. Then inhale and release your finger from the hole instead of removing of bowl and slide. 

 glass water bong

If you’re thinking about how to make and use a gravity bong in minutes, take a big plastic water bottle and cut it from the top. Then poke a hole in the cap of a smaller bottle for air to flow through and wrap the cap in aluminium foil (shaped like a bowl).

Next, make holes in the foil for ventilation. Fill the large bottle with water, add flower to the foil on the cap of the smaller bottle & submerge this bottle in water. Next, light the cannabis on foil to fill the chamber with smoke, remove the cap and take that puff.     

Did we mention you must cut the bottom part of the small water bottle before placing it in the larger one? 

gravity bong

The bong is a classy, customisable accessory that promises delightful highs and soothing times. Bongs are a blessing for stoners, a staple of the smoking culture. 

So, go ahead and explore bongs for your kind of bongs and gear up to get your hair blowing.