Hello, to all the bong lovers out there. Do you know that many weedheads still doubt the fact that a good bong can get you more high than anything else? Funny, right? Let's clear this thing once and for all.  The hits that you get from a bong are much harder than anything else. But for that, you must possess a great bong. Today we’re gonna talk about a brand that has taken over the UK, Roor bongs.

A Brief Look Into the History of Roor Bongs

roor bongs

This brand is not a stranger to any smoke and bong lover. They must be familiar with the brand’s superiority and quality of smoking accessories, especially the Roor bongs, UK. From straight and beaker bongs to ash catchers, Roor has everything in its catalogue.  

Roor bongs are popular for both, its eye-catchy designs and durability. The high-grade glass items like trays, tips, bowls, etc are sturdy as hell. I, personally, love this brand and was very interested in having a go at its latest product in the market. Let's talk about the Roor Ice Master Straight Pyrex Bong in detail. 

Roor Ice Master Bong Review

roor bongs

Roor Ice Master Straight Pyrex Bong is one of the latest offerings from this brand. This Roor bong is handcrafted in Germany from the premium Schott Duran borosilicate glass. This high-end quality of glass is the reason behind its unbreakable and sturdy nature.

Looks & Design:

Roor Ice Master is a sleek-looking, 18 inches tall bong. The lean design of this roor bong makes it super handy. The glass thickness is around 5.0 mm, which makes it more durable than other bongs available at the same price.


roor bongs

One of the best features of this Roor bong is that it allows smokers to put ice into it. The Icemaster has 3 ice notches which make the pull harder and better. The icy smoothness of this bong will make your session longer and more ecstatic. Apart from this, it also has bi-stable joints that are twice as thick and durable. 

roor straight pyrex bongs

The glass pipe of the Icemaster is made for premium glass which makes it rare and of premium quality. But no, we cannot finish just yet. This roor bong also has a carb hole that allows us to detach the bowl from the downstem after your session. Catch all the fresh air that you can.

Is this Roor Bong Worth the Price? 

When it comes to pricing and worth, we suddenly become Ebenezer Scrooge. But it’s for all the right reasons. We would never recommend you with something that is not worth your hard-earned money. But when I say that if you will invest your £239.99 on Roor Ice Master Straight Pyrex Bong, it won't be a waste.

Available at the given price, this Roor bong is one of the best that you will ever get your hands on. It is very difficult to match the durability and looks that this bong offers.  

Where Can You Find Roor Ice Master Bongs?

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Look out this space for more smoky content. Till then do remember, if we all had a bong, we’d all get along.

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