Every smoker is probably aware of the wonders Cannabis has to offer. From treating ailments to improving the quality of life, it does it all. Once you enter the world of weed, the next step is to explore the accessories for it. The most popular one is a Metal Herb Grinder.

If you have unsatisfying experiences while smoking a bowl, pipe or even a joint, chances are that you are packing the bowl/joint adequately. Packing a bowl imperfectly is not a biggie but you can waste a lot of herbs with that. Grinding weed properly will make your bowl smoke evenly and even fully utilize your precious herb.

To clean and break the herb, a lot of smokers use their fingers. In such instances, the green buds are wasted and may not even be cleaned thoroughly. Moreover, using fingers to break the buds is a tiring and time-taking job that leaves you with green sticky hulk-like tips. It is essential to use a proper accessory, mostly a metal herb grinder, to break your buds apart. As much as this accessory sounds fancy, it is extremely easy to use and carry. The grinder is small and compact and can be stashed in your pocket or purse. There are various designs and colours available in the market along with upgraded features. From simple to advanced herb grinder, you will find them all.

What Qualities make it the Best Weed Grinder in the UK?

 Best Weed Grinder

A very simple answer from any smoker would be durable aluminium three-chambered grinder to shred the herb easily. Surely, there is much more to it. A herb grinder comes in various shapes, sizes, colour and features. To choose what works best for you, it is important to learn more about them!

  • Why do you need a herb grinder?

You can shove a hand-broken bud into a bowl and smoke it up until it gets over, but that way you will burn more than what you have smoked. Your air-to-fire-to bud ratio needs to be perfect for a great experience.

With a metal grinder,  you can shred your herbs into the perfect consistency that will burn evenly. It will give you a good hit, whether it's rolled in a joint or packed in a bowl.

Using fingers for breaking the bud takes a lot of energy. The best weed grinder avoids any wastage of weed and makes your experience smoother.

  • Parts of a Weed Grinder

Usually, every weed grinder has common parts, however, some can have more features than others. But in a layman language, your weed grinder needs to have a lid, a grinding chamber with teeth.

Teeth in the weed grinder can differ in shapes like a spearhead, spikes, shark, straight and many more. All of them are designed to shred weed into the same size.

A more advanced herb grinder may contain several chambers that help to filter out the Kief into the bottom-most chamber. Some brands offer a scraper to avoid any usage of hands, while others have a no-slip grip, magnetic closures, and much more. The world of metal herb grinders is a vast one!

  • The Process Of Grinding

The process of grinding your herb becomes infinitely easier when you make use of a grinder. Make sure you never overload the grinder. It makes it difficult to twist and can require additional cleaning.

Here are the steps you need to follow to grind the herb perfectly:

  1. Use your hands or a scissor to break the nug into smaller chunks. Remove the lid and place the chunks on the teeth, avoiding anything to be placed in the centre. 
  2. Put the lid back on. Hold the grinder with your less dominant hand and use the other one to twist the device. The sharp teeth will cut through the stubborn, sticky buds to give you accurately shredded herbs. You might face some resistance if the buds are unyielding or the teeth are not very sharp. 
  3. Remove the lid to reveal the ground herbs. If you're looking for more fine consistency, repeat the 2nd step until you're satisfied. The fruits of your labour are now ready to be savoured!
  4. You can use the shredded herb to light a joint, pack a bowl or pipe, whip a batch of edibles, or simply make a light canna drink.

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Types of Grinders

2-piece herb grinder- 

2-piece herb grinder

This is a basic herb grinder that has a lid and a base. If you simply want to grind weed to the coarse texture, a 2-piece herb grinder is perfect for it.

3-piece herb grinder-

3-piece herb grinder

These grinders have 3 parts: teeth, centre chamber and a base. It is used for more uniform size grinding than a two-piece grinder. The third chamber, also known as the collection chamber, filters out the extremely fine pieces of weed from the grinding chamber.

4-piece herb grinder- 

4-piece herb grinder

This type of grinder consists of a top and centre section with teeth, a collection floor and a kief area. The grinder helps in fluffing the herb and gets collected in a separate area.

There are other advanced metal herb grinders with more than 4 pieces. However, the objective can be fulfilled with the above-mentioned types. 

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How to Pick an Ideal Metal Herb Grinder?

When it comes to herb grinder, it is important to understand what you need before buying one. Consider these aspects before you look for a herb grinder.

  • Size: Be clear about whether you need a portable one that can perfectly fit in a pocket or your handbag. You can get a simple 2-piece herb grinder or go all out for a 6-piece grinder. The options are endless. If you usually light a bowl outside with your homies, opt for a compact grinder. In other cases, you can go for more bulky options. 
  • Multiple-piece grinder- Choose which one will work best for you. It depends on how frequently you smoke. The grinder with more chambers will allow you to collect the potent material that can be used to enhance your smoking experience. Make the decision based on what you’re looking to get from the grinder,
  • Brand: Do your inquiry, ask your homies, and come to a concrete decision regarding the brand, model, design, and colour of the grinder.
  • Reviews & Ratings- Research thoroughly and look for feedback offered by genuine customers.
  • Budget: You do not want to splurge a ridiculous amount on a metal herb grinder. Make a budget and save accordingly before buying one.

Clean Your Grinder After Use

Clean Your Grinder After Use

When you see that your ground weed is simply holding back to be smoked, you will be enticed to make a plunge. Yet, wait for a minute or two; your grinder just proficiently created that sweet smokable grain. You owe it a touch of TLC. To keep having a great smoking experience, you'll need to keep your grinder clean and, if it's a metal processor, sans rust. 

There are a few unique techniques you can use to make it look clean as a whistle. Regardless of which technique you pick, you will begin by dismantling the grinder (so in case you're utilizing a 4 piece spice processor, it ought to be dismantled to its 4 fundamental pieces). Wipe the processor down with a safe, sanitizing disinfectant like isopropyl liquor. You can even use a paintbrush with fine fibres to truly get in at the screen and remove any trash buildup. You can likewise pick to absorb the individual pieces in liquor. During the process, you may have to use cleaning accessories to get in the corners. If you don't wash your weed processor regularly, you'll notice increasingly more dirt when you attempt to twist the grinder to crush the herb.


If you want to buy a weed grinder in the UK, make sure you do thorough research. Look out for the places or websites that offer you the best deal. Surely metal herb grinders make your weed fine for smoking but it is always important to look for the one that satisfies your need.