Rolling is an art! Those who have mastered the craft understand the intricate details and effort that goes into curating the impeccably tight doobie. The crafted fingers, the fluffy, shredded herbs, the lick before the final turn; it's the gourmet of the stoner world, and there is no denying that.

Joints have been in fashion since the early discovery of cannabis. From using leaves and cigarette wrappers to the now-vegan papers, joints have always been around. More so, people still love rolling even with the advent of newer smoking accessories like vapes, travel-friendly bongs & rigs, and more. Nothing hits like the good ol' joint!

As the craft of rolling became more widespread, we saw creativity peaking up, and there sprouted a plethora of manufacturers offering their own version of paper and filters. RAW, one of the prominent manufacturer of rolling accessories, have stayed as the #1 brand for more than a decade. Refusing to back down, RAW products are more futuristic, innovative, and durable than ever. In this blog, we would be focusing on RAW tips & filters, along with a small guide on how you should choose the tips.

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How do you choose the Best Tips & Filters?

Tips and Filters, though treated as a secondary rolling accessory, are essential for a smooth smoke. They help beginners and connoisseurs alike to roll a joint that holds its shape and structure, while also avoiding the soggy end. Trust me, you would thank the tips when you're smoking with your homies. However, the best part of using tips & filters in your joint is that it provides cleaner smoke. By filtering out the unwanted content, you're left with pure tobacco or bud, which in turn gives you an elevated smoking experience. 

Choosing the best tips and filters are based on your preference, the outcome you're expecting, and of course, what brand suits your preference. My number one tip would be to go for the filters based on the result that you are looking for. If you are looking for supreme filtration, go for the higher-ends one that offers just that. On the other hand, if you're looking to maintain the sturdiness of the joint, you can always opt for the glass ones. 

While we are on the subject of filter tips, I have curated a list of the 10 best ones from the OG provider of rolling accessories, RAW. 

The 10 Best RAW Tips & Filters

RAW provides a plethora of options when it comes to filter-tips and more. From their unrefined collection to the glass ones, they offer so much for the general joint-lover. It was tough to pick just 10 from the list, but alas, here are the winners!

1. RAW Original Tips

Nothing beats the goodness of authentic, original tips. The introduction of the product helped every joint lover to finally enjoy a sturdy rollie, without the use of cardboard.

The Original Tips are carefully curated from the Fourdrinier paper machine giving it the structural integrity to maintain its shape even when wet. The naturally unrefined long fibres are cut meticulously with the grain, allowing them to roll as smooth as possible. 

2. RAW Slim Herbal Tips

If you're someone who likes to roll their doobie tight and sturdy but has a difficult time rolling the tips, this one's for you. RAW provides a collection of pre-rolled filter tips, and this one happens to be my favourite. 

These tips were introduced by RAW after several customers voiced their need for skinner pre-rolled tips. Not everyone likes to roll a fattie! The Slim Herbal Tips are 30% skinnier than usual pre-rolled tips, allowing you an unobstructed flow and cleaner smoke. 

One of the patented inventions from RAW, they are made from unbleached, unprocessed natural papers that hold your slim-joint in great shape and form. Apart from providing proper aeration, they also contain a smaller ember for cooler smoke. 

3. RAW Black Tips

If you're wondering how many varieties there can be when it comes to RAW tips, you're in for a surprise. The leader of Rolling papers and accessories have brought forward a number of filter tips that helps to widen the choices of the general joint-lover while providing them with a cleaner and smoother toke. 

RAW Black Tips are specially designed to replicate the old ways the craftsmen used to roll. The exceptional smoke, the stronghold, and the extra-fine press; everything makes for a smoking session you won't forget soon. 

Add this to your collection!

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4. RAW Glass Cone Tips

Curated for a cleaner smoke, the RAW Glass Cone Tips are a conical version of the Classic Glass Tip. These are designed to simplify the cone-rolling process while providing the sturdy feel of glass on your lips. Unlike paper, glass is not absorbent which gives you a cool, smooth toke and a never-felt-before smoking experience. 

A more refined and cleaner smoking process, the avid smokers fall in love with the beautiful, carefully curated glass tips.

5. RAW Pure Cotton Filters

Going back to the origin of smoking, RAW introduced their line of pure cotton filters to allow the smokers of today to experience the ancient ways. Original Cigarette filters were designed with cotton but were later replaced by acetate tow. 

RAW makes use of classic natural unrefined cotton in their products which gives you slightly stronger draw strength, but that's a part of the authentic experience. Moreover, they provide an exceptional filter quality, stopping the tar and a host of unwanted toxins from entering your smoke. The Cotton Filters are available in a bag that contains around 200 filters, and resemble the size of a regular cigarette tip.

6. RAW Seeded Tips

RAW has always been on the lookout for more sustainable options with their products and offers just the right ones to their customers. The RAW Seeded Tips enter the top 10 lists based on their pureness and, of course, their double work. 

The Seeded Filter Tips might be a little difficult to find, but are the perfect way to make the world more beautiful, one smoke at a time. They are made from natural unrefined chlorine-free paper mixed with whole clover seeds. When you reach the end of your rolled masterpiece, instead of disposing of the filter, you simply plant it. As the paper breaks down, it helps to feed the seeds. Roll, Smoke, Replant, and enjoy!

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7. RAW X Phuncky Feel Glass Tips

In collaboration with the originator of glass tips, the RAW x Phuncky Feel Glass Tips is one of the dopest inventions of the brand. The legendary smoking enthusiast B-Real of Cypress Hill deserves all the credit for creating the first-ever line of glass tips. 

A true classic, once you get your hands on this one, you'll know why the original ones are the best! Made from the durable German Schott Glass, each glass tip is carefully packed in a plastic tube and is very convenient to handle and clean. With pinches to keep residue out when you smoke, these tips are the perfect accessory for your doobies!

8. RAW Perfecto Cone Tips

The RAW Perfecto Cone Tips are known as the gold standard of cone tips, and they have been named very accurately. These are cut differently to provide a stiffer and durable option for the tightly-packed cones. A little difficult to roll, they have a perforated side which makes it simpler to make the "Z" or "W" inside shape. The natural tips do not impair the flavour or taste of your favourite smoke. You can also get these in the pre-rolled types

Rolling Artists, these tips are made for you!

9. RAW Perforated Wide Tips

Larger than the usual tips, the RAW Perforated Wide Tips are designed to keep the burning ember away from the faces. The natural unrefined soft fibre paper is pressed thin for easy and smooth-rolling. The ultimate way to roll a beautiful doobie, the tips are really 'RAWesome'!

The tips have a perforated side which makes it very convenient to roll and create a 'Z', 'V', or 'W' shaped centre for added cooling and filtration. Moreover, the wider length of the tips makes them ideal for larger rollies.

You can also get these tips in the normal size. 

10. RAW Maestro Cone Tips

Coming to the end of our top 10 best RAW Tips & Filters, it is time to bring the Maestro one out!

These tips were designed keeping in mind the personal preferences of the everyday toker. Curated with softer textured paper with perforations for extra support, they are cut longer to make the rolling session very handy.  

A perfect way to end the list, the RAW tips speak to you on a personal level. 


This brings us to the end of our article on the best RAW tips and filters. I hope you found this informative and helpful. For more such articles, keep watching this space.