Before answering the questions like how to roll a blunt wrap or giving a step-by-step guide, let’s learn a little bit about blunts. Believed to be originated in Carribbians, blunts have a long, rich history. It is said that, in the 1800s, labourers from Eastern India carried marijuana with them for recreational use. Blunts became very popular in the Carribians due to accessibility and various other reasons. Due to the availability of tobacco leaves, smoking was preferable to other mediums like bongs, pots, etc. 


Then how did it come to the western part of the world? Smoking of the blunts became popular around the same time in the United States. It became popular with tobacco companies like Dutch Masters, Phillies, etc. They started manufacturing cigars with tobacco leaves. Apart from that migration played a big part in circulating this style of smoking. Immigrants migrate to cities like New York and the rest is history. 

We have talked enough about the history of the blunts but let’s now check out their meaning. What exactly is a blunt and what are blunt wraps made of?

What Are Blunt Wraps?

What Are Blunt Wraps

Blunts wraps are very similar to the joints as they both are basically marijuana-filled cigarettes. The major difference between the two is that blunt wraps are cigars filled with flower instead of loose tobacco. So, to answer what are blunt wraps made of, blunt wraps are tied/rolled in tobacco leaf paper rather than the regular rolling paper you come across.

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When talking about their popularity in the cannabis community, they have a fair share of both lovers and haters. Some love the aroma, and variety of the flavours while others detest the strong fragrance and tobacco after-taste. Anyhow, blunt wraps have a solid fanbase and it isn't going anywhere. So, if you’re new to this and want to learn how to roll a blunt wrap step by step, check out our simple guide. 

Why to Smoke Blunts Wraps?

Why to Smoke Blunts Wraps

When you compare it to other smoking flowers such as a joint, blunts are preferable. Why? 

  • Blunt wraps add the tobacco effect which heightens your senses.
  • If you love cigars, you would love the smoked tobacco effect. It’s not for everyone, but if you like that aroma, blunt wraps are heaven.
  • They last much longer than a regular joint. Blunts burn slower and thus, your smoking sesh would be delightful. 

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Now, let’s dive straight into the instructions regarding how to roll a blunt wrap.

How to Roll a Blunt Wrap?

How to Roll a Blunt Wrap

Before beginning to roll a blunt, there are a few things that you would need.

Material for rolling a blunt

Your search begins now:

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How to roll a blunt wrap step by step

Let’s get to the business now. 

Step 1

First of all, you have to get your grinder and get your flower evened out. This is very important as you have to fill them up. Many people like to use their hands, herb grinders are much more helpful.

 How to roll a blunt wrap step by step

So, get your herb grounded. And get ready for the next step. 

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Step 2

How to roll a blunt wrap step by step

This step is important as you have to empty the cigar out. If you have an assortment of blunt wraps then this step won't be necessary. But if you’re using cigar wraps, then empty the cigar from loose tobacco with the help of a razor blade. Split the blunt vertically with the razor and empty it. 

Step 3

This step is for everyone. After prepping the blunt wrap, it is important to moisten it. This will tame the wrapper, make it easy to handle, and fix all the small tears that may have occurred in the previous steps. 

Step 4

How to roll a blunt wrap step by step

Now it’s cannabis time to shine. Fill the empty cigar or blunt wrapper with your grounded herb. You can fill up to 2 grams but if you’re going to share it, then a little bit more won't do any harm.

Step 5

How to roll a blunt wrap step by step

Last but not the least, roll the cannabis in between your fingers to pack it evenly. Lick the whole exposed edge and paste it. Even out the wrinkles and you’re good to go. Seal the blunt by slightly baking it with the help of a lighter. 

How to roll a blunt wrap step by step

Light it up and enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a blunt wrap?

Answer: The blunt wrap is an outer wrapper or layer of a blunt in which we fill our fav herbs.

2. What is the wrap of a blunt called?

Answer: Blunt wrap or tobacco leaf wrapper.

3. Are cigar wraps the same as blunt wraps?

Answer: No. The blunt wraps are manufactured separately and are not the cigar’s outer covering.

4. What are blunts made of?

Answer: They are made from tobacco and other flavoured substance.

5. Do blunt wraps have nicotine?

Answer: Yes, they do have nicotine although they now have tobacco free blunts which is another story another day!


When it comes to main players in the flower industry, blunts have always been at the forefront. This article was meant to be a guide to understand important questions like how to roll a blunt wrap, what are blunt wraps, and more. I hope after reading this, you can easily roll one and share it with your buds. 

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