Pollen Press! If you're into pills, you must be aware of this pressing device. But there is a possibility that those who are more into smoking and vaping would not be aware of this beautiful thing. But to understand the purpose of the Keif or pollen press, you first have to know what a Keif is. 

When people say they have incredibly great 'goodies', they mean goodies from the cannabis plant. Pollen Press, also known as Keif Press, is a device used to compress this plant material into pallets or small disks. What does it include? It includes THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids in a concentrated form. 

Why do we need that, and how to make a homemade pollen press? We will discuss all these questions in detail. For now, let's first learn what exactly is a Pollen Press. 

What is a Pollen Press?

What is a Pollen Press?

Now you must be thinking, what the hell is that. Trichomes are tiny hair-like projections. They are white-yellow coloured hair that grows over cannabis leaves and buds. They are also present on the buds of other medicinal plants. These trichomes are manually or mechanically removed from the surface. After removing trichomes from the plants, they are known as pollen or kief. A pollen press or kief press is a simple device used to compress the powdered trichomes. 

These pollens are then compressed into the Hash. Hash is further compressed by pollen pressed into small coins or pucks. Why? To combine different blends, hide, store, and various other reasons. We will discuss them in detail below. 

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Purpose of a Pollen Press

Purpose of a Pollen Press

Before jumping straight into how to make a homemade pollen press, let's talk about the purpose of the pollen press first. Pollen press as a device is used for creating two products. 

  1. a) Pressing hash into pucks or coins. 
  2. b) Ground loose flower into pellets.

The pollen/kief is inserted into the press chamber. There is a plunger in the device that helps make the pollen in compact form. After that, coins are left for a few hours to retain their shape. Talking about its purpose, the pollen press is used for a variety of reasons. They are used in combining the different blends of cannabis strains. The THC level of the kief is high, and it needs to be preserved. Hence, the pollen/kief potency can be conserved in the coin form. Once pressed in this form, kief can be stored easily and hidden discreetly. Plus, compared to the loose, powdered form, coins don't get blown or wasted away. 

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Benefits of a Pollen Press

Benefits of a Pollen Press

Some essential benefits of the Pollen press are:

  • Reduce the risk of waste.
  • Improved and preserved potency of the kief.
  • Pollen press can blend the cannabis strains.
  • Easy to pack and transport.
  • These coins can last months away from the sunlit area in a dry place.
  • Pressing flower into pellets lets, you reduce the size of your stash.
  • It's easier to freeze the small pellets than a whole marijuana leaf.

How to Make a Pollen Press?

How to Make a Pollen Press

The pollen press in the UK is of two types, manual and hydraulic. There are different model designs available for the pollen press UK. But we will give you a complete guide on how to make a homemade pollen press.

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Things Required to Make Pollen Press

  • Unsharpened Pencil
  • Ink Pen with a straight metal body thicker than the pencil.
  • Sturdy Paper

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Pollen Press

Step 1

This step is all about disassembling the pen. As mentioned above, the pen needs to have a metallic body so that the disks are in perfect coin form. 

Step 2

Put your pollen/kief on the paper. Let it work like a funnel. Fold it and tip the kief into the metal tube that you disassembled from the pen. 

Step 3

Now comes the pencil. Ram the pencil inside the metal tube. Push the pencil down until nothing is left loose. The pollen will be pressed in a small disk form. Pack the tube tightly with the kief to have a perfect pill in hand.  

Step 4

That's it. You don't need a hundred pounds of pollen press to make them. With this style, you can make the disks taller in height, but in my opinion, the right size is the pill form. 

Try to pack the tube heavily, as you may end up with a crumbled pill without that. If you have not tried smoking the pressed kief, this is the right time. Go for it and send us your love if you liked this article. Keep your eyes peeled for more of such content. Until next time. 

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