If there is anything that I absolutely admire about the pot world, it is the plethora of options you get whenever you want to consume any bud. From the dankest herb to the fruitiest flavours, the range is so commendable that you are always in awe when you discover a new strain. A few days back, my homie came across the London Pound Cake Strain on Social Media and has been going on about it. I agree, the name is tempting enough to give it a try, but more than that, it was the vivid profile and the mysterious parent of the strain that irked my curiosity to give it a hit. 

And as they say, the rest is history. 

I never leave a good strain just for me, and I knew I had to pen down my review for every 420 enthusiasts who are looking for some information about this beauty. 

So without any further delay, let's get started. 

Overview of the London Pound Cake Strain

If you don't want to get into the details of the strain, here's an easy to read table below that will help you understand the main traits and characteristics of the sweet, indica-dominant bud. 


Sunset Sherbet & an Unknown Indica Parent


Euphoric, Relaxing, and Uplifting


Citrus, Earthiness, Wood, Fruity


Cirtusy, Lemony, and Creamy


Dry Eyes & Mouth,






And for those wanting to delve into the details, let's move forward!

Origin & Genetics

The moment I take a look at a strain that has made its own corner in my heart, my first instinct is to research its lineage. You see, the cannabis strains pick up most of their characteristics like taste, aroma, and even effects from their parents, and knowing their origin helps to gauge their true features better. 

London Pound Strain

For the delectable London Pound Cake Strain, their lineage has a certain mystery element involved. The team at Cookies Fam Genetics prefer to be hush-hush about the indica-dominant parent of the strain, whereas the other parent, the Sunset Sherbet, is out in the open. Sunset Sherbet is a blend between the Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, making you wonder what amazing strain can cross with this pink beauty to give us such an insanely delightful flavour. 

But Alas, the secret remains a secret, and honestly, the entire mystery element just accentuates the effect of the green bud. 

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Appearance of London Pound Cake Strain

I don't like a good-looking strain, said no one ever. 

We all get a slight high by looking at the stickiness, the compact closely-packed buds, the trichome covered colourful pistils, and not to mention, the tantalizing aroma. 

London Pound Cake is one of the strains that tease you with their appearance, just wanting to be devoured. That being said, I know I am being a bit poetic but that's just how a good-looking bud makes me feel. 

London Pound Cake Strain

The absolute beauty is very dominantly indica-looking, branching outwards rather than upwards. The dense and tightly packed nugs are generously bathed in crystal trichome, accurately depicting the morning frost. The appearance is intensified by the colour of the water leaves which can be anywhere between dark emerald green to feisty purple, depending on the temperature at which it is grown. Its bright orange pistils are a welcomed addition, and works well to make you drool! ;)

Once dried, the nugs range from olive to sage green, and the flowers resemble the spade shape. 


If you're thinking the sweet, mellow London Pound Cake Strain will leave you with a subtle fragrance, you're so wrong. The strain scent is pretty strong, enough to stink up the room, so if you're planning on toking it discreetly, abort the mission. 

That being said, it doesn't have a dank smell, but rather falls on to the pleasant side of things. I found the aroma to be very balanced without any note overpowering the other. You might expect a fruity fragrance, but it has hints of wood and earth along with some berry-like scent to even things out. A deeper sniff reveals notes of citrus and lemon, giving it a perfect blend of flowery and mellow. 

Honestly, the earthy nuttiness is delicious and works well to prepare you for the flavour it has to offer. 

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Taste & Flavour of London Pound Cake Strain

As tempting as the aroma, the flavour of the strain leaves very little to the imagination and is evidently heavy on the taste buds after the first inhale.


In sync with its fruity and grape scent, the initial flavour of the London pound cake strain emits a very citrusy and lemony taste. Of course, it picks up most of the unique flavours from the Sunset Sherbet Parent. 

Once you notice the smoke, you will instantly realize where the strain picks up the 'poundcake' name from. The heavy, thick, rich, and creamy smoke leaves you wanting another drag while enhancing the strain's citrus notes. 

The exhale brings forward the nutty and cakey profile of the strain, leaving you with an earthy aftertaste and the lingering zing of grapes. 


Considering its high THC content, almost bordering at 30%, the London Pound Cake is not for the newbies or novice tokers who have just entered the weed lane. One hit of this strain goes a long way and not everyone can handle the potency. 

Apart from its hard-hitting potency, the London Pound Cake seems to offer a quiet, relaxing, and uplifting high that doesn't overpower you but gives you just enough stress-free time that you would sink into the couch and smile. I like how the effect is also very balanced like its taste and aroma. 

The effect of the strain starts with a light high, engulfing you in the air of calmness and focus, and flushing out any racing thoughts. As the high settles in, the second effect presents itself in a state of relaxing high, floating your body through the sleepy and unwinding phase. You would find yourself comfortably on the couch, dwindling between the state of sleepiness and sedation, but not that is too overwhelming. 

The gentle focus and the slow creeping bodily effects make it a perfect strain for evening use. I happen to notice that the London Pound Cake Strain brings with itself very pleasant contentment that makes everything a little humorous. A perfect strain for a fun movie night!

And don't worry, the potency does not lead to paranoia or anxiety, instead makes you more relaxed. 


There are no negative side-effects of the London Pound Strain as it is a very relaxing, mellow, strain even though it is pretty high in THC content. However, there are a few general side-effects associated with cannabis which might be evident here too. 

The first one being the red eyes, the biggest giveaway. I would suggest that you keep an eye drop around to battle the redness. Apart from that, dehydration might be one of the side-effects of smoking the strain. Keep a bottle of water around to remind yourself that you need to hydrate yourself. We often forget that in the high-haze. 

This brings us to the end of our strain information blog on London Pound Cake Strain. I am sure you're intrigued and excited to try it out. 

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