E-liquids are extremely popular within the vaping community for their vast flavour profile, thick cloud of smoke, and easy usage. The vastness of the e-liquid flavours makes it even more enticing since you can find anything under the sun with the right nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio. The commendable list of choices offered is even more impressive if you look at the different brands and how each one of them upholds the strict quality check. If you have been looking for the best e-liquid flavour in the UK to titillate the flavour buds and please the smoke god, we are here to help!

Take a look at our extensive list of the most popular e-liquid flavours from brands that value their customers and their savoury flavour choices. 

 1. Double Drip - Lemon Sherbet

A tangy citrusy taste followed by a fizzy sherbet profile and lingering sweet profile - the Double Drip Lemon Sherbert vape juice offers a satisfying taste pallet and enough vapour production to impress anyone. 

The sour tang and old-school lemonade taste are enticing when the tongue-tingling flavour hits the mouth. The refreshing undertone is like reaching out for a glass of cold fizzy drink on a hot afternoon. The sweetness is exciting, and the flavours perfectly balance each other. You can find this bottle with zero nicotine or choose from the strengths offered. 

Double Drip E-liquids are available in many varieties, including High VG juices, 50/50, nicotine salt, shortfills, and even offer e-cig kits and pen vape kits. 


2. WizMix - Nuclear Plusion

Let's be real, that's a very tempting (and confusing) name since you don't know what to expect with the flavour. I was genuinely intrigued to find what kind of flavour profile would the vape juice make me experience, and let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised. It's unusual and very remarkable that WizMix managed to pack so many flavours in a tiny bottle. 

The start is a blast of fruitiness that quickly simmers down spicy aniseed and ends on a citrusy lingering aftertaste. The ups & downs and the merry go round of the flavours deserve an entry in the list of the best e-liquid flavours!

WizMix offers over 55+ flavours, so make sure you give some others a try to find your perfect match. 

3. Vampire Vape - Heisenberg


If you come to know that a flavour is known as the Daddy of All Day Vapes, I am sure it is going to tempt you. My temptation led me to find this beauty in an online vape shop, and I am glad I did. The Heisenberg Flavour offered by Vampire Vape has won 5 esteemed awards and continues to astonish vapers everywhere!

The Heisenberg offers a power-packed punch of berries with such an intensity that it keeps your tingling for more. The sensational fruity flavour is accentuated with a cool menthol hit that surpasses any infusion you have ever experienced before. A single puff of this, and you will understand why it won so many awards and praise. 

The vape juice is offered in 40VG/60PG to 80VG/20PG and is featured in the flavour-concentrated range offered by Vampire Vape. 

4. Pocket Fuel - Blue Raspberry


Berry flavoured liquids are a popular choice as they offer an exquisitely sweet taste followed by a slight undertone of berries. However, not everyone can produce a raspberry flavoured vape juice that is not excessively sweet and offers an authentic essence. 

The Blue Raspberry flavour by Pocket Fuel has a mix of sweet, tangy, bursting flavours reminiscent of lip-smacking berries. The taste has an irresistible blend of rich red raspberries and ripe blueberries, lending their beautiful profile throughout the vapour. The e-liquid is perfect if you're planning to exhale a large cloud of vapour.

5. Tasty Fruits - Mango 

Mango lovers gather around cause we are offering you the most exquisite mango-flavoured vape juice. The mouth-watering flavouring offers a burst of freshness with a hint of natural sweetness. The ripe mango flavour is blended with a hint of mint to accentuate the crisp taste and provide a cool ending to the flavoursome affair. 

Tasty Fruits offers various other flavours manufactured under strict guidelines in Malaysia. Their flavours are authentic, and the different lines of vape juices make for an impressive collection. 

6. Billiards - Lemon & Lime

We have already mentioned Lemon Sherbert as one of our top picks, but something is appealing about the tanginess that cuts through the sweetness and dwells on the taste buds. The Lemon & Lime flavour by Billiards adds an exciting addition of tartness to the fresh lemon zing. It’s one of the best e liquid flavours in the UK!

The tanginess does not override the pleasure of inhaling the flavour and swirls comfortably through the smoke. The after taste is a delicious affair and tempts you to take another puff. The Billiards offers the perfect 70:30 ratio of VG and PG. 

7. Dinner Lady - Blackberry Crumble


Dinner Lady is known for its distinct flavours and perfect blend that makes you question your entire life before you came across this beauty. The Blackberry Crumble e-liquid offered by Dinner Lady offers the complete spectrum of the iconic British dessert. Each inhale is lined with the shortcrust pastry with hints of butter followed by a fruity finish.

The delectable blackberry flavour is offered in the 50/50 range allowing you to have the perfect blend of vapour and flavour. They are available in 6mg, 12mg or 18mg nicotine strengths. Dinner Lady offers a vast variety of dessert flavours, traditional flavours and unique combinations. 

8. Ultimate Puff Candy - Rainbow

All your sweetness in one place! The Ultimate Puff Candy Rainbow flavour is a blend of sweet and juicy flavours, mixed for the perfect lingering taste, ending with a delicious candy finish. We all know how well the after taste of candy makes us feel, and you would be reaching for the flavour again in no time.

If you are strictly a sweet tooth that has a random burst of candy cravings, this beautiful flavour might be the answer to it all. Find this gorgeous pack of fruity candy on Olivastu!

9. Nasty Juice Nic Salt - Slow Blow


Nasty Juice Nic Salts are great to be used in vape pods and MTL kits. They offer a number of flavours, but the best one is the slow blow. If the name isn't sophisticated enough, the dripping liquid offers a tangy profile followed by a pineapple finish. The best part - it ends with an icy mint flavour that leaves you feeling refreshed and replenished. 

The Nic Salts from Nasty Juice are curated for a smoother hit and offer a 50% VG and 50% PG blend for the perfect balance. You can find these in a 10ml bottle with the option for 10mg and 20mg Nicotine strengths.

 10.  Riot Squad - Blue Burst

I know I have already mentioned Blue Raspberry as my ultimate favourite of Pocket Fuel. But, Riot Squad adds another twist to the flavour that takes the experience to another dimension. The 'burst' in the name of the flavour is apt as it delightfully surprises your taste palette with a bunch of flavours. 

Upon inhaling, your tongue is surprised with a tingling yet refreshing sour blue raspberry flavour which then turns into a sweet delight followed by an icy blast. The whole whirlwind flavoursome journey is a refreshing experience. The e-liquids have a 70% VG blend, ideal for large cloud creation! Find this e-liquid in the UK’s favourite online vape shop, Olivastu!

11. Absolution Juice - Salted Caramel

 It's a debated flavour, I know. But there is something so magnanimously tempting about the mixture of sweet and savoury that it sends you straight to the flavour Gods. 

 12. KIK Cloud - Strawberry Jam

KIK Cloud offers a bunch of sub-ohm vaping and high VG e-liquid for any occasion. However, my personal favourite happens to be the sweet delicacy known as Strawberry Jam. It is a sticky e-liquid that transports you to the childhood fantasy of carelessly eating jam.

The cloud-chasing vape juice offers a blend of sticky goodness, lined with strawberry flavoured gentleness. If you are a fan of strawberries, you should try this flavoursome goodness, combined with a hard sugar hit. I am sure many people call it the best vape juice flavour!

13. Double Drip - Sun Drip


Double Drip is one of the most popular e-liquid that has a tempting collection of flavours. I have tried several flavours of the Coil Sauce, but the one that stood out from the profile was the Sun Drip. The name makes me picture a pretty sunset, vivid colours, and the lingering of a savoury taste. 

The Sun Drip packs a clever combination of tangerine, apricot, and grapefruit. It's like summer in a bottle! The citrusy tangerine flavour mixed with the sweetness of apricots and the freshness of grapefruit brings out the entire pack. If you have been missing the beach, lemonade, and tanning under the sun, here's your pack of summer feelings!

14. Vapouriz - Ice Mint

Vapouriz is a well-known caterer in the vape juice world with its vast flavours and perfectly balanced 50/50 e-liquids. Impressive cloud production mixed with the blend of tempting flavour; it's the perfect combination!

The Ice Mint flavour has to be my absolute favourite as it brings a wave of the icy blast that refreshes every inch of your senses. The classic menthol experience takes a twist with the sweet mint flavour offering a delightful freshness. Try this icy-cool refreshment for an absolute energising vaping session.

15. Loaded - Glazed Donuts

Who doesn't love a freshly baked doughnut splattered with a generous sugar, filling the mouth with its melting profile and yummy taste?

I mean, you get me. Now imagine this sensation packed in a tiny bottle, transporting you to the land of glazed doughnuts with every inhale. Loaded vape juice makes this dreamy flavour a reality. 

The award-winning flavour experience is one of its kind and takes you on the delicacy road without the calories. The warm dough with a slight undertone of sugary glaze beautifully ties the entire experience. It's like biting into a doughnut!

16. VaporFi - Very Berry Slushie

The Very Berry flavour is one of the most popular ones from VaporFi and I was very keen to try it out. And when I did, it was just a heavenly experience. Any fruit lover who admires the berry sweetness tingling and making you reach out for more should try this one. 

VaporFi describes the flavour as a blend of frozen berries with a refreshing colada base, and it is an apt description. The flavour starts with watermelon goodness combined with an explosion of berries, followed by undertones of a chilly colada. It's beautifully crafted to give you a lip-smacking vaping experience. 

17. 88Vape - Rainbow Burst


Rainbow Burst by 88Vape is a true explosion of sweetness, perfect for those looking to satiate their sweet appetite. It has a blend of fruit and candy flavours, that leaves you pleasantly surprised. If you're looking for a rainbow of sweetness without the additional calories or sugar, Rainbow Burst flavour is for you!

With this, we end our list of the best e-liquid flavours in the UK. Hope you enjoyed reading through it and found your perfect match. Head over to Olivastu to shop for all the e-liquids!