PGRs and Cannabis: What You Need to Know


Plant Growth Regulators, abbreviated as PGRs, are chemicals that shape the growth and development of plants. They've been around for decades but their use in cannabis cultivation is a topic that has garnered much attention lately.

What are PGRs?

PGRs are synthetic hormones introduced to the plant to manipulate its growth, often aiming to increase the yield or to make the plant more resistant to pests and diseases. They are a controversial topic among horticulturists and farmers alike.

Types of PGRs

There are three main types of PGRs commonly used in agriculture:

  1. Auxins
  2. Cytokinins
  3. Gibberellins

Each type has a different effect on plant growth, offering both advantages and disadvantages.

Impact on Cannabis Plant

PGRs can significantly affect the growth and development of the cannabis plant. They often result in denser buds, which might seem appealing, but this denseness can come at the cost of reduced resin production, affecting the overall potency and taste of the cannabis.

Health Implications

While PGRs can make the plant look more appealing, they may pose health risks to consumers. Some studies have linked these chemicals to various health problems, including cancer.


The use of PGRs is heavily regulated in many countries, but enforcement can be a challenge due to the clandestine nature of some cannabis cultivation operations.

Usage in Cannabis Industry

Despite the potential risks and controversy, some growers still use PGRs in their cultivation process, prioritising yield over quality and safety.

Spotting PGR-Treated Cannabis

There are certain signs consumers can look out for to identify PGR-treated cannabis, such as unusually dense buds, lack of aroma, and unusual colouring.

Natural PGR Alternatives

For those concerned about the potential health risks of PGRs, there are natural alternatives available. These include organic fertilisers and beneficial insects that can help keep pests at bay.


While PGRs can offer certain advantages in cannabis cultivation, their potential health risks make them a controversial choice. As a consumer, it's crucial to be informed about the products you consume and make choices that align with your health and wellbeing.


  1. What are PGRs? PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators) are synthetic hormones that are used to manipulate the growth and development of plants.

  2. Are PGRs harmful? Some studies have linked PGRs to various health problems, including cancer. It's important to be aware of this when purchasing and consuming cannabis products.