It's quite rare that we get to hear any good news these days but surprise surprise! The new year 2022 is already treating us well.

Guess what! The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is planning to launch a pilot scheme where they are decriminalising minor offences related to cannabis consumption. It’s quite a high time that the higher authorities acknowledge the fact that there are thousands of people who suffer from various medical conditions and medical marijuana is their only remedy.  

Let’s talk in detail about this wonderful scheme.

What is the Decriminalising Scheme?

The scheme is based on the successful model that is adapted from the Thames Valley. Here, instead of charging and criminalising the people, the police offered various counselling sessions and helpful classes. The police at Thames Valley would not arrest anyone under the age of 25 who possesses a small quantity of cannabis.

 What is the Decriminalising Scheme

The mayor, Sadiq Khan was impressed by the police efforts in the Thames Valley and was inspired by their model. Khan’s office has informed that their pilot scheme would first be initiated with a trial approach in 3 boroughs. The plan is still waiting for the approval of the Mayor. 

Purpose of the Decriminalising Scheme?

There would be many people out there thinking about what will they achieve from this. The answer is aptly put forth by Downing Street. They have shown concern over the prosecution and criminalisation of young people. 

The spokesperson stated that “We have absolutely no intention of decriminalising dangerous and harmful substances for recreational use. Decriminalisation would leave organised criminals in control while risking an increase in drug use, which drives crime and violence which blights our streets.”

To make it simple for everyone, the purpose and aim of this pilot scheme are to reduce crime and implement the most effective solution to tackle with drugs issue. More importantly, they divert young people who are found with a minor quantity of cannabis and save them from entering the criminal justice system.

They want to provide help and support to young people and want to strengthen their future. According to his spokesperson, Mayor Khan himself believes in “deterrence and early intervention” and in “investigating various ways in which young people can be diverted away from low-level drug use”.

What Does Decriminalising Scheme Exempt?

The spokesperson of the Mayor of London mentions that the pilot scheme will be for a limited trial period. This scheme will be initiated first in 3 boroughs out of 32 boroughs that are there in London.

Furthermore, this pilot scheme would be applicable to individuals that are between the age of 18-24. So, any 18-24 year old, found with a small amount of cannabis would be exempted by the law. It is important to note that only cannabis will be exempted by the law and not any other type of drug. 

The enforcement has finally understood that they cannot arrest all their problems away. Instead, they have to understand, adapt, and support young people with the introduction of higher education. All praises for Mayor Khan and his decriminalising scheme.

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