Say goodbye to mouldy buds!

Give your nugs some love by storing them safely in tiny little homes made just for them. 

Armed with grip seals, reusability and nifty discreet sizes, our baggies provide the ultimate solution for all your storage woes. Never again do you need to discard some lovely buds because they become damp or mouldy (papers don’t do the deed, moisture does!) 

Check out these baggies to know more about some premium perks like smell-proof material, self-sealing and moisture repellent features, and some cool little designs to store your favourite herbs in.

With the sheer choice in sizing, these baggies can be discreet or flashy- whatever your preference is while being pocket-friendly like your best buddy on adventures with you.

Get bakin' anywhere, anytime with your dry, crunchy nugs waiting in their safe little houses!

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