RAW Classic Pre-Rolled 20 Stage Rawket Launcher Hemp Cones (20)

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It’s time to strap in for lift-off! The highly coveted 20 Stage RAWket is a fully-stocked, carefully selected collection of all the most fun Classic Cones RAW has to offer. Contains 20 RAWthentic Cones and a foldable funnel. We recommend working up from 1 ¼″ to the Supernatural in order to ensure proper ignition and successfully reaching orbit….. RAW 20 Stage RAWket pack includes: 6 x 1 1/4" Cones (83mm) 4 x Kingsize Cones (110mm) 2 x 98 Special Cones (98mm) 2 x Lean Cones (110mm) 2 x Peacemaker Cones (140mm) 2 x Emperador Cones (180mm) 2 x Supernatural Cones (280mm)

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