Magnetic 4 Part Metal Herb Grinder (63mm) - Random Colour

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Durable & Powerful
This 4-Part Large Herb Grinder is made up of robust and high-quality metal that makes it scratch-resistant and free of contaminants from the manufacturing process due to strict medical grade ultrasonic cleansing procedures.

4-Part Shredder
The grinder comes with four parts viz. 2 grinding chambers, 1-filter screen chamber, and the storage chamber to store your ground herbs. It is a robust, sturdy, and easy-to-use grinder with an innovative design and unrivalled performance.

Square Teeth
This shredder comes with square teeth that grind the herbs to a perfect fluffy consistency. Sharper teeth tend to wear away after consistent usage and can contaminate your herbs with metal pieces.

Threaded Pattern
The shredder features a threading pattern that eliminates the problem of binding and permanent seizing of threaded parts. Apart from this, the "knurled" grip of the shredder allows easy rotation especially for those with wrist pains. Not to forget the magnetic closure that prevents accidental spills.

Stainless Steel Screen
The four-piece grinder comes with T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screen that keeps dust and dirt from mixing with the herb contents. It filters your ground herbs efficiently, giving you fluffy and smooth results.

Cool Design
Available in shining assorted colours, it comes in a very cool design that reminds us of nothing less than Star Wars. The scraper allows you to scrape off even the minutest of the kief that gets stuck at the corners.

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