Half Baked "Nirvana" Acrylic Waterpipe Bong

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Aesthetic Appeal

The groovy design and vibrant shades of our Half Baked "Nirvana" Acrylic bong make it an eyecatcher. Whipping it out of the corner at parties or chill sessions in self-care can't be bad with the cool look! 

Easy maintenance

The wide base of our "Nirvana" bong and the removable stem make it extremely easy to take care of. No debris will ever come between you and your high if you do it right.


This bong comes with a rubber base and mouthpiece, which makes spillage and cracking things of the past. Whether you're clumsy or your buddies, we got you covered with this sturdy, nifty bong. 

Smoother rips

Our Half Baked "Nirvana" bongs accentuate your smoking pleasure. Proper percolation and a decent capacity ensure smooth rips. The long stem it carries ensures that your favourite herbs don't get burnt out too soon either.

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