Diamond Mist Xtra Disposable Bar Device 4500 Puffs

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Diamond Mist Xtra disposable vape kit with zero nicotine and 4500 puffs is the perfect solution for anyone trying to come off nicotine. Made in the capital of U.K. London city you can be sure the quality of these bad boy bars are of top quality and have been quality controlled rigorously delivering one of the best vape flavours on the market today.

These Vape bars are comfortable to hold and come in a fantastic range of colours that match the flavours:

Banana Ice – Taste of fresh Banana with a cool ice sensation as you breath out
Blue Razz – Sweet Blueberries remixed with a sharp raspberry kick
Grape Ice – Cold scrumptious grapes freshly squeezed ready to smoke
Lychee Ice – Chilled exotic fruit from south east Asia
Lush Ice – Remix of Melon and berries to give you a smooth hit
Exotic Mango – Refreshing chilled blend of mangos
Orange Soda – Fizzy orange pop
Pineapple – Tangy sweet cool pineapple
Pink Lemonade – Lemon and candy twist just like the sweets
Black Forest Fruit – A combination of chilled dark fruits and berries
Strawberry Ice Cream – Vanilla and strawberry syrup ice cream
Refreshing Mint – Blend of mint and ice with a cooling sensation
Candy Floss – the taste of fun fair straight in your mouth as you take a lug
Cherryade – Fizzy cherry pop crackling in your mouth
Exotica – Fruit blend juice
Havano Vanilla – Old school traditional tobacco flavour with a slight hint of vanilla
New York Cheese Cake - Biscuit base tones with a creamy vanilla flavour experience
Orange Mango Guava – Freshly squeezed orange with a mango and guava blend
Passion Fruit – Mouth Watering passion fruit flavour
Pink Strawberry – Mixture of strawberries and melons
Rainbow Lolly – taking you back to when you were a kid in a candy store
Strawberry Milkshake - Sweet and refreshing strawberry milkshake
Strawberry Apple watermelon - Delicate Blend of Strawberry, Apple and Watermelon

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