Chongz "Thunderstorm" Ice Bong - Random Color

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Icy Smoke!

The Chongz “Thunderstorm” Straight Bong is equipped with an ice-notch that gives you an icy hit every time. You no longer have to worry about harsh throat hits with this beauty. 


The new space age Chongz acrylic bongs are super tough and highly durable that will last with you for a long time. Chongz products are high-quality acrylic, made from superior materials. You no longer have to worry about shattering or breaking your bong, especially if you’re a clumsy toker. 


Made up of super tough and quality acrylic, the “ThunderStorm” water pipes are light-weight and convenient to carry around. You can easily take them anywhere you want; be it parties, gatherings or road trips; they are just perfect for every occasion.

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