Bubbler is the love-child of bongs and smoking pipes, combining the portability of the pipes and clean, smooth hit of the bongs. Gone are the days when you would have to buy a large glass piece to experience a potent hit. Bubblers are compact, durable devices made with care to give the smokers a surreal experience. You can use them to smoke with or without water, giving you complete control over your smoking preference.

These glass pipes are also referred to as mini bongs or oil rigs as it combines the advantage of them all. Bubblers are designed for use with a combination of dry herbs, concentrates, and oils. It provides countless mix and match possibilities using the concentrate nails, bowls, and other accessories.

From a novice smoker to a professional one, bubblers have become a must-have for everyone. If you're just starting out and want to test your hands on the bubblers, we have a range of high-quality cheap bubblers. On the other hand, we stock a variety of glass pipes like double bubbler bong, joint bubbler, water bubbler, etc. Have a look at our collection and take your pick!

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    Keith Haring Glass Bubbler
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